Thursday, May 12, 2011

After much searching, we would like you to meet our first "angels"

Hello to our friends and supporters.

It has been a long week trying to choose children that are very sick, neglected and physically challenged.  We have chosen 8 kids in real need of care and love and would like for you all to meet them.  Because of you, Edwin and I are able to go out and make life changing decisions and we will never stop thanking you for helping us.  We consider you "our team".

As you have all read in previous blogs, there are 2 children very close to us.  This is Alex.
Alex is 9 years old.  He was tested positive for HIV/AIDS  and because Edwin immediately put him on medication, he will be allowed to live with us for the time he has left.  Medicine is mandatory to live in the home.

And of course, everyone knows our little Nathan.  This is Alex's brother and he too has HIV/AIDS. Nathan also has eye and head tumors which is a symptom of this wicked disease.   Mutesi, their mom will depart soon to be with our Lord, at which time Edwin will be taking care of both these kids even if we have not opened.  It is one of the reasons we are rushing.

Meet Hope, age 10 and Desire, age 9.  They are blessed to have sponsors in British Columbia that love them unconditionally and help them get through life.  They are not HIV/AIDS.  They have a brother named Sammy (see below).  They lost their father in a car accident and their mom ran away from them.  Two grandmas, ages 58 and 65, both paralyzed and one blind, take care of them but I beg to differ, who takes care of who.  These three kids do everything, from feeding, personal care, including toiletries, shopping and all housework.


And here is Sammy, being taught English by his sisters who received a present from their
sponsors.  Lots of English books and are they ever practicing for 2013 for when they come for a visit.

This is the sweetest little girl you will ever meet. Her name is Johwan. She lost her parents at age 2, at which time her grandmother took over raising herself and 3 siblings.
She could not afford to  look after Johwan so she was given up to Agape Children's Home.  Because she too has HIV/AIDS, she is scorned by her classmates and this has made her very insecure. We want to provide her with self confidence and love.

This is Hadijah.  She is a child who has suffered more than most.  She comes from a family of
18 members, all passed away from HIV/AIDS.  She lives with her 82 year old grandmother but this child has no chance at all of a normal life.  Hadijah suffers from a physical disability and is also mentally challenged.  What a sweet child she is.

You want to see a cute 7 month old baby...well here is Allan.  His story is also sad.  Allan's mommy died when he was 2 weeks old.  Daddy died of HIV/AIDS when mom was pregnant.  Grandma took him in but could not afford milk so she fed him warm water with sugar.  We were not sure until today when we found them, if he was still alive, but praise God, he was...We will be taking little Allen in with us when we open.


We walked into a village and the first thing I see is this writing engraved on a mud hut.  No
other words need to be said.  Edwin and I felt it necessary to find a village where they
were suffering most and this is our story below.  Pictures will say it all.


With arms loaded with clothes we enter one of the poorest places yet seen by these eyes.
It actually is where our little Nathan, Alex and Mutesi live.  Most clothes are ripped off 
the body or nothing.   So.................................







I am passing this over to Edwin, who would like to say a few words to your all.

"Thanks to all those who have contributed towards the changes that have occurred to
these little angels and those who have given us physical support and prayers.  We still ask 
for more prayers as we have a long way to go in the selection process and in the Ministry at
large, such as construction and the water issue".

Just to let you know that most of these kids have been given pretty dresses for the first time, so they are looking pretty good.  Sure makes a difference in their expressions.  Happy.......

Again, a huge "THANKS" to all 


  1. Hi Barb
    My daughter Olivia and I are loving reading your blogs and meeting the children.

    Are you still looking for sponsors? Does Johwan have a sponsor.....we would love to know :)
    What an amazing time you are having.

    Love to you and Edwin

    Simone xx

  2. I knew Our Father liked to relax and play with His Creations.....amazing children and all hopes in Him .....................thanks so much for the great concern that you guys have to make many be part of the joy . Biggggggggggggggggggg thanks to those that have supporting us to make difference in the children of uganda choosing process is really in control of the supreme of all nations and His vessel Jaaja Barb . she is known by everyone now in jinja starting with two year baby on wards knows jaaja

  3. Awesome little creations in their new clothes!!!
    Glory to God and many many loving thanks to angels Barb and Edwin for their devoted love day in and day out. Prayers going up for all the details to be worked out!