Sunday, April 10, 2016

Reaching the Broken Heart

Broken hearts are caused by many different reasons.  Whether it be a young child living on the streets or an elderly widow with no way to survive, the heart is broken.  God loves the broken people and as Christians, we are challenged to make a difference to help them.

Our first team from Northview church arrived at our Home of Angels on March 18th.  What a joy it was to host these amazing men and women and to witness the love poured out on the people in our community.  Loving and praying for people that seemed to have no hope.  Taking food to our dear friend Mutesi that is presently in her last stages of AIDS; passing by a widow's mud hut and giving her a Canadian flag scarf; sitting beside a blind man and listening to his stories and so much more.  Pastor Ezra preached a service on Palm Sunday on a radio station that covers the entire country of Uganda.  Our poor community saw the love of God on this visit and are still asking where the Muzungu's (whites) have gone.

Here are some activities they experienced in our community of Mpumudde.

Jaaja Judy and Jaaja Carol showing compassion to an 98-year-old grandpa.

Almost daily, Edwin and I pass this wonderful elderly lady who struggles so hard with life.  She has
7  widowed  HIV/AIDS adults living in her home.  We stopped by to give her hugs and a new scarf from Canada.  Probably the first gift she has ever received.

The children wanted to show the team what they do in their "God's Little Ministry".  Thanks to Marlaina for her monthly food donation to Mutesi, they were able to present food and soap with the team present.

Kristin was also able to present Mutesi with a scarf from Canada.

We visited our local "Home for the Elderly".  Thanks to Joyce for the monthly support for food that the team witnessed them receiving.  Jaaja Judy connected to an elderly blind man and listened to his stories while others took a tour of the property.

Originally, this was the only old folks home in Uganda but in the past 6 months, another one has been built in Kampala, the capital city.  These people, both old and mentally challenged enjoyed this visit very much and were grateful for all prayers over them.

We want to thank the Gleaners once again for providing soup for 150 orphaned children.  The team was kind enough to bring it from Canada and also helped us with funding the cost of other items.  Everyone helped....from Edwin cutting 14 large cabbages to the aunties and children making matoke and other Ugandan favourites.  The children served and made sure everyone was happy.  It was a very special Easter.

These children are from an orphanage that has closed down.  Many were forced to go to the streets but Edwin knew where to find the ones left in our area and invited them all to join us in the celebration of Christ's resurrection.

Edwin found two more children in a village north of us that are suffering terribly.  They are 5-year- old twin boys named Kato and Waiswa and will arrive on very soon when all the paperwork is completed.  We plan to find three more little girls before I leave in May and once again let this beautiful family adjust while I continue to find sponsors.

Edwin's father frequently sends us Talapia fish, mattock and oranges.  This was for the team but they had left the day prior and the look you are seeing on Edwin's face is sheer glee.....He THINKS he is going to eat this by himself.

A sincere "Thank You" from the team and children to everyone who either helped with funding their trip or in the children's case.....for caring enough about them to provide a home, food, schooling and most of all LOVE.

All of us at the Home of Angels would like to thank Northview church for the funds to purchase 500 chicks, 30 more chairs, 100 plates and also to be able to feed the hungry in our area but most of all, for their visit to Jinja, Uganda to encourage us.