Sunday, September 8, 2019

A Time for Everything

This is another exciting time for Home of Angels.  We have received our own CRA charity status and are now registered as a Canadian Charity under the name of Jaaja's Home of Angels Society.
Charitable Registration Number 84713 3907 RR0001.

Since 2015, God has blessed our ministry by granting us the privilege of partnering with Kuwasha International Development Society.  Without the benevolence of the board of directors, their lawyer and accountant this could not have been accomplished with such precision.

The official transition date is October 1, 2019.  We ask for your patience while we transition from one set of operations to another.

We have set up several avenues for you to continue your support.
  • Preauthorized withdrawals.  We can arrange this with you.  Request a PAD form to complete and return with a void cheque.  We will start the month following your request.
  • Online electronic fund transfers or EFT.  You can arrange that with your bank.
  • Canada Helps. This is a credit card only method.  A simple online step-by-step process.  Once you are on the Canada Helps website, go to Jaaja's Home of Angels Society and it will be self-explanatory.
  • And yes, we still accept cheques.  Please make it out to Jaaja's Home of Angels or JHOA if that is easier for you and mail it to:
         c/o Barb Giraud
         #96-32691 Garibaldi Drive
         Abbotsford, B.C.  V2T 5T7

We care deeply about you and thanks for being such a big part of our "Team".

Here are some pictures that we'd like to share with you of our home and the children.  The rainy season is there again and it's been difficult for Edwin to take many pictures.

Edwin was given a piece of land by a friend in our community to grow maize and vegetables on.   We recently lost a crop due to heavy rains but we decided to try once again with only maize.

This was the last crop of maize we had and it lasted us for a good period of time.

Thanks to our friend Thomas, the Aide House is now in operation and many are being helped.  This house is only used for testing for malaria and for treating burn victims.  Most people can't affort the 5,000 shillings for a test.  We can at least do that and they will know 100% if they have it.  It will be up to them to get the medicine but once they know it's positive, they always seem to find the money for treatment.

The "rainy season" is the same as our winter here, but not as cold.  These uniforms keep the children warm in the classroom as 70 degrees is cool for them.

I have to show you a picture of one of our exciting fundraisers.  This is Rob, the manager of the Save on Foods in North Vancouver.  Rob takes great pride dancing around in his blow up banana costume.  This Scottish group of men ended up playing in the store and danced up and down the aisles with the banana.  No wonder this store is so busy with entertainment like this.  We sold out of banana bread very quickly.

Another repair for Mutesi's house once the rains hit again.  Our very special workers ran to her rescue to seal it up with mud before evening came.  We've watched out for this lovely lady and her son for many years now.

For four years we've partnered with the Chilliwack Secondary school.  The students have a kiosk in the main hall and we help them provide food to sell at lunch and break times.  Steve, their teacher and his family have an organization in Nigeria and with us in Uganda, it's called the African Cafe (AfCaf).  They continue to share the profits with us annually.  

Thanks again for following our story and for your continued prayers and support.  We have many exciting things to come in the future and hope you will be with us to hear about them.