Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Global Television presenting "Faithful", the cow who brought in the water to our Home of Angels.

We wanted to share with you the Global TV newscast that was seen on August 9th, 2011.

 This broadcast was a special edition to specifically show everyone how one cow could contribute in such a huge way.  Faithful the cow was sold by Laury and Tom DeGroot solely to supply the water for our Home of Angels.  They put in submersible pumps to accomodate both homes, latrines, tanks, gardens and septic tanks.  This is the largest donation we have had and we want to share this will all of you.  Thank you so much Tom and Laury, we will never forget this and are so grateful to you both.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A big thanks to our crew who takes pride in building our "Home of Angels"

We have the most wonderful crew building our new home.  Five men who work tirelessly 7 days a week/12 hours a day to complete it.  But without Edwin, David and Isaac, who watch over every little detail to make sure it is the best home for children to grow and live in, none of this would be possible.  All of your donations go to Edwin (center), who in turn, accounts for 100% of your money and how it has been spent over the past 6 months.  We are blessed for this team of men and I for one, sit in Canada, very proud to see what has developed and of the honesty of these three.  I would like to share this with you all.

You have met Edwin, Isaac and David before, but not at the same time.  On your left is David, Edwin in the middle with Doctor Isaac on the left.  I have my first picture of them together and I want to share this with all of you.  I am so very proud of these three men.  One day soon, we will all be working with each other for the same purpose in helping vulnerable children and together, we will make this huge difference in changing their lives.

The "red carpet" is on.  That is the roof if you didn't notice. I chuckle each time I hear that word.  The road
grader has come also and leveled the land between the two homes and it is starting to look like our compound.  Who would have ever dreamt that a loaf of banana bread could have produced this.

When you stand down on the road below and look up....this is the view
Always look for the "red carpet and you cannot miss us surrounded among the avocado and banana trees.

Take a look at the small home between the two buildings we built.  We are thinking of purchasing it for
a clinic and room for our social worker to interview the kids privately.  Would love to have your opinions on
this.  It consists of three rooms and perfect for the medical side of things.  When you bring kids out of situations that they are in presently, we must have help for them to adjust.  We have hired a social worker to do this and she would need her space privately.

One day Edwin is going to fall out of a tree doing this.  But he did capture how the "red carpet" looks
from the topside.  It is not finished as the trim has to be put on but looks so wonderful now.

Meet Joma (Juma)...This little one is our newest addition to our home.  Joma has HIV and was reported
to us that he is malnourished and does not come out of his hut.  Edwin, Isaac and David went there
and discovered the bloody wounds on his head.  His parents passed away 7 years ago when he was 3 years old and he was taken in by others to care for.  This boy belongs with us.....

HIV/AIDS presents itself in very different ways.  For Joma, his head has been affected and now, with the
help of Doctor Isaac, he is getting treatment.  When we can open, we will take him into our care and love him and take care of this little one.

Meet Jowell.  She is sister to Jowann and we have decided to care for her also.  We would like to bring
this family together.

Meet Dennis...Jowell and Jowann's brother.  All three of them will come with us and they will be a family again.  Jowann is in Agape Children's Home and Jowell is with an Aunt.  When their Mom passed away, they were sent to Grandmas but she was 80 and had no way to help them.  The Aunt sells charcoal on the street but does not make enough to hardly feed them.  We have found sponsors for these little ones so they will be able to eat and go to school as soon as we can open and take care of them.

Thanks Kim and Chris for sending these clothes also....

Walking for water....Oh my goodness, they walk so far and so young.  We bought 20 jerricans to help them when there was not water for 3 weeks last month.  All ages with all sizes.

Just wanted to share some goats we own.  We have 3 in here and then yesterday, we had another donation
of 5 more.  We have decided to have a goat farm along with chickens and pigs.....Sustainability program

It has been great to share with you all and I would also like to inform you that Global TV is filming tomorrow with "Faithful" the cow who was donated for the water on our property.  This is the most amazing story and I shed a tear every time I think of it.  If all of you could only know how precious water so many little children walk miles a day looking for it and how someone in our backyard sold a cow to produce all the water we need for so many people.  Thank you Tom and Laury, we so love you.  Please turn your TV's on on Tuesday night August 9th at 6:30(ish) with Linda Aylesworth, you will meet "Faithful" the cow.  If  for some reason you do not see it, it will be on Wednesday, same time.

Thank you for your prayers and all your support.  You are all changing lives and I really hope that one day you will feel that you can come to visit us and meet the children you saved.  I would also like to share that our little 7 year old Nathan with the cancer and HIV has now developed malaria.  If we could have had his little one in our home, we possibly would have been able to detect some of this and maybe the suffering would have been unnecessary. He is weak but stable and Doctor Isaac, Edwin and David are with him every day.  I will be speaking with him tomorrow on skype and will tell him that Canada is praying for him and we all love him.

Love Barb and Edwin, Doctor Isaac and David