Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Love in Action

Christmas was a wonderful celebration for the children this year.  Thanks to the Tri-Cities Rotaract club, Aunty Joy was able to prepare all sorts of different foods for them.  They raised enough money for the food and also to gift each child with a new backpack for school.  It's not about the Christmas gift in our Home of Angels because every day is a gift to these kids. The Ugandan focuses on food and family to celebrate, but what Edwin and I were so impressed with, were the children celebrating the birth of Jesus also.

The rains have now stopped which means the malaria will ease off and thanks to a wonderful supporter donating a new lawn mower, the grass can now be cut low where they won't settle.  Our little Ivan had cerebral malaria which is a dangerous type stage 4 affecting the brain, but God again was watching out for him and he is finally home from the hospital feeling much better.

The kids are preparing for the team from Northview to come.  I will leave a couple of weeks ahead of them to put the women's touch on things and probably have the girls make some banana bread.  This is where I get my rest, as they have learned to make it better than I can.  No kidding.  For heaven sakes, I hear my plantation of banana trees in Malinda village is doubling in size...we have to do something with all these bananas.

I'd love to show you what "Love in Action" pictures look like in our eyes.

It doesn't matter what time of year it is....Aunty Joy and Aunty Aidha are always there for the children providing food and making sure they are doing well.  They truly love the children as their own.

I'm not sure where this amazing idea came from, but can you see the Christmas tree in the middle of the table?  It's not a real tree but these branches look like Evergreen and were put into a container with the balloons as ornaments.  And no....the pop is not opened.  Food is not served yet but they just like to look at them and decide who will share with who so they all get a taste of each kind.  This is Christmas.

Here comes Marian serving the food.  No one will start until she is sitting down and someone prays.

I'd like to introduce you to the Tri-Cities Rotaract Club out of Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody.  This is the 2nd year that this club has done something to raise money for our kids at the Home of Angels.  Thanks to all of you for caring enough to help us each year.

These are the backpacks that were also donated.  Each pack has the child's name carefully written
on it with a picture of what they dream to do in their future.  All filled with school items.

When you write a letter to your sponsored child, Edwin will pick them up in Jinja at the post office.  Usually, they can't read them unless they are written very clearly and in easy English.  Remember they only learn to print in school.  No cursive.  If they don't understand, Edwin will translate.  This is a very special time for these kids and the letter is treasured.

This is what I call "Love in Action" at the Gleaners.  I couldn't resist this picture.  And no....they weren't using a knife....we staged this.  These two kids worked very hard helping Mom cut onions one entire morning.  They were the only ones with clear eyes but the foggiest glasses I had ever seen.  I'm still laughing!

And where did these onions go?

Into a soup for this priceless child in Uganda who hadn't eaten for an entire day. 

This is what I mean "Kids helping Kids".  Our kids, if given the chance, will do what is needed to help a child less fortunate.  I may have laughed myself silly watching those crazy glasses but for those kids, this was serious business.  They were cutting 150 servings of onions an hour to make soup.  Bless their hearts!

I would like you to meet Hope and Desire.  When we brought in our last container, we had 30 quilts made by "The Pincushion Collective" girls.  They started making quits for us in early 2013 and their goal was a total of 60 quilts.  Thank you Michele, Gina and all the people that spent 3 years doing this for our kids.  You made your goal and we will treasure every one of them.  

And Edwin....I'm ruining your surprise.  These wonderful women made you a very unique quilt with many words inserted in the swirls....I'm not going to pretend I know what I am talking about when I say swirls but it will be arriving soon and you will understand.  Thanks again Michele, Gina and team.

It's been a rough few months in Uganda with the weather and not being able to send pictures.  Edwin has spent a lot of his time going to hospitals with sick kids and pictures were not a priority.  The main thing is that God was watching over them all and everyone is now doing well.  OK, maybe not one.  Will you please pray for Jowel?  She is in the hospital with a high fever and vomiting with a possible malaria parasite. but they are not sure.

The gardens are starting to flourish again and the chickens are still laying enough eggs to help the children keep healthy.  They are still providing enough eggs for the widows in our area and our kids all know the orphans around Mpumudde and they too receive whatever we can spare.

Thanks again for continuing to follow our story and for all your prayers.