Sunday, July 6, 2014

Touching Hearts in Uganda

Sometimes Edwin and I just talk about how many lives have been touched by our Home of Angels.  In Uganda for example, the lives of the people just in our community alone have been so changed.  Work has been provided, water, when the wells are dry and our kids hosting their friends to come and watch the Jesus videos.  This in turn has led the parents to our grass hut to try and understand why their children as so excited.  Lives are changing in a big way.

It is very evident that this project, only four years old, has grown very quickly.  We couldn't have done it without our Father watching over every step we make or the donors who believe in us, finding it in their hearts to help.  We now have a Board of Directors that are teaching both Edwin and I to slow down and do this in a way that it will be both sustainable in time and secure.  Edwin, with the chickens and construction and myself with documentation.  When we started this project, we knew nothing except we wanted to build a home for the true orphan.  I baked the Grandma banana bread and Edwin gathered his friends to clear the land.  Easy……

I must tell you that today, it's not easy.  We needed help and my church reached out with ideas and people that were experienced.  We now have a strong team guiding us down this road and we want to thank them so much for all the time and energy they have put into this venture.

We have 1000 layer chickens arriving from Israel but there has been a delay since the Entebbe
airport was threatened by Al Shabaab.  Security is tight and these chickens could die waiting for customs to attend to them.  We will have more on this next month.

In the meantime, we would like to share the latest pictures with you.

The kids were telling me that in their school they are known as the "angels".  Of course everyone now wants to be an angel, so when Edwin found a way to hook up electricity and sound to the grass hut, the kids invited their friends to come and watch the Jesus video.  Hundreds came and we couldn't accommodate them so we ordered 50 more seats and this weekend they will hold another showing.

Everything is put on a "boda" which is the main transport here.  5 trips of chairs and mission accomplished.

As you can see, this is night time and it's really black out there.  What you don't see are the hundreds of people sitting outside our wall listening to the sound of the story.  One day we hope to bring everyone in but know because of the masses, it will be impossible.  We need a church to be able to teach them more….but right now only a dream.

I would like you all to meet Genia, Chris and Ericka.  They attend McMath Secondary School in Richmond and last summer had heard me speaking at Rockridge Canyon.  They came home and decided to raise money for our Home of Angels and did an amazing job of it.  They baked and sold
160 loaves of banana bread and had a talent show.  They raised $1,100.00 for us and presented us with an artificial cheque as the real one will be mailed when the teacher's strike is over.  Thanks McMath.

Another thanks to Save on Food for once again helping us fund our project one brick at a time.  We had the manager serving ice cream on samples and a live banana enticing the customers to our table.
Needless to say, we sold out that day. Thanks also to Gloria for your bright smile and help.

Canada Day….Edwin and the children wanted to wish us all the best.

There comes a time when the children must leave our Home of Angels.  Sam has another 2 years and he must go out into the world, but in order for Sam to survive, he needed to have a trade.  Thanks to his sponsors, Dianne and Sim and to Benny, he will now have a good chance.  He is learning auto mechanics and doing very well.

Dennis is our electrician and he is putting electricity into the children's home.  They were having difficulty seeing at night to do their homework.  They must also get their grades up so this will hopefully help them.

The doors and window frames have been welded by Atimu.  As usual, he has done an excellent job and will be back this week to install them into the 2nd children's home.

Edwin and the children were blessed to have been a part of the dedication of Word of Life Fellowship church in Entebbe today.  The kids were excited to see our dear friends once again and to have had the opportunity to sing.  Edwin was invited to speak and all in all, they had a lovely day.  Congratulations Pastor Welli and Dolly.  This is only the beginning…..

Welli…..Alan sure looks happy in those arms.