Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Dreams Do Come True

Have you ever noticed the hundreds of people who pay money to run a race, climb a mountain or just push their limit of endurance in some way?  Then there are the people that reach out to strangers to help them finish their race?  Not just to finish first but to pursue teamwork as a model of living out their faith in Jesus.  That's exactly how Edwin and I feel with what's happening with the race we're experiencing at our Home of Angels.  Many of you are those people who are reaching out to help complete strangers and there is not enough words to express our "Thanks".  Those of you who sponsor the children; donations to help us provide a home and schools for them.  To build a medical clinic that is also helping the sick in our community, and our biggest dream, a church.  This dream will soon be fulfilled.

We've started a self-sustainability program where each child will leave HOA with a trade.  Our children phasing out next year at 18-years-old have been offered a theology course at YWAM in order that they can come back to HOA and work in our new church.  Not only that, each child when they leave will carry a photo album filled with pictures of the time spent with us.  Thanks Hannah so much.

Times are very uneasy right now in Uganda.  The COVID-19 that's gripping the country; the elections once again causing turmoil on the streets and the poverty creating a lack of food. There's another thank you.  All of you that donated money to feed the 6,000 people.

We honestly couldn't have done it without the help of God putting you on our amazing team. All of you wonderful people helped us with these projects and we want you to know how grateful we are.

Since I left Uganda before the COVID-19, the following are some of the projects that have been completed.  

                                                        Ptarmigan Primary School 

Now that schools are open in Uganda, Ptarmigan Primary school was completed in the nick of time.
Presently our children at Home of Angels are attending but when the time is right, we have a full list of applicants that will also attend from communities surrounding us.

Meet the teachers and principal of both schools.  Two of the teachers are presently teaching at Morning Star and the others are all working with the children at Ptarmigan Primary school.  With COVID-19 and the uneasyness on the streets, we will not be bringing in new students until it's safe.  We have been approved for the pandemic situation.

We've recently been donated a 36-seater school bus that will enable all students to get back and forth from school. Thanks to Ptarmigan Foundation for purchasing a bus for their Primary school.  What an amazing gift!

Again, with everything currently happening in Uganda, only our kids are attending but in time, registration will start for our Morning Star nursery school.  

The children have learned to wash their hands and practice it even before entering the school room.

I don't think they knew this picture was taken because they look like they are really learning.  Ugandan kids really feel it is a privilege to go to school and when I hear them in our meetings together, they are really starting to improve their English.  Now, if we could just get over the shyness of looking into a computer.

We recently had to dig another hole for the waste in the latrine that was built 10 years ago.  Can you imagine one man doing this by hand? 

We're almost to our dream....the church.  This picture is only an example, not reality.  The land is purchased and who next year it's a possibility.  We just keeping praying.  One good thing is we have a very dedicated Pastor who is coming on board with us as an employee soon.  We are currently able to purchase Bibles and slowly everything will come together.

I might be in trouble with this picture but it's my very favourite throughout our journey of Home of Angels

Uganda is not exempt from COVID-19 but the statistics are so much better than North America.  There have been 18,165 cases with 181 deaths.  The borders are all open, including the airport but wouldn't you know, another situation is currently happening.  The elections will be on January 14, 2021.  Of course, as in any election there is violence so please pray for the people there.  Thank you.