Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hope in Suffering

We all have families.  Parents, grandparents, siblings..........

Some of us are lucky enough to have families who love and support us.  Others of us are not so lucky.  Whatever our family's role in our life is, it shapes our identity and teaches us what we know about love, the world and each other.  Whether we suffer from our own choices or from those of others, despair may threaten to overwhelm us.

Our Angels came from families who faced the most terrible human conditions possible.  They either lost their loved ones or were abandoned by the people who should care for them the most.

Edwin and I knew how we wanted this home to operate before we opened in 2013, but it took God's guidance in this journey to show us the way.  We now have a beautiful home with children who have hope; know how to love each other and take pride in helping others that are suffering.  What surprises us the most is the way these children bond so quickly with a new child.   They remember the devastation from their past and want their new brother or sister to feel the love they do now.

The pictures below visually tell a story of children who came from such difficult situations and made the transition to love and hope at our Home of Angels.

These children are our neighbours.  Every day they must go to this same spot and get water for Mama to cook and do her cleaning.  These children do not go to school because of lack of money.

These are desperate times for finding water in our community.  The drought has again taken over water and crops.  Once again we thank Laury and Tom for our well....still pumping 5000 litres of water an hour.  The children help the community doing many different things but one of them is passing out water.  The school closed down for 3 hours so the kids could take water home to their families before commencing classes again.

Meet Jimmy Kintu, age 5 years old.  He will be coming to live with us with his brother Derrick as
soon as we find enough sponsors to provide the basics for them.

This is Derrick Kintu age 7 years

Meet Frank Ochat, age 5 years

This sad little guy is Edwin Ssmonga, 6 years old and will be the first to arrive.
I'm going to call him "Eddie"

Most of you know our precious Jowell.  If you ask any of the kid's "Who is your best friend?" the answer is always Jowell.  I can't even put in words how special this child is and how she has taught the little ones everything they must know to be a true "Angel".  Jowell has recently been diagnosed with heart failure and Edwin and I would love it if you would please pray for her healing. Thank you!

Wow!  Look at these beauties in their new dresses.  Uncle Edwin decided that the kid's church clothes were getting very worn so he hired a seamstress to come in and sew outfits that fit.  By doing this, we save money at the market; we help a woman in our community to have work and we can call her anytime for help.  We also think that she will be a good person to teach the older girls to sew on our sewing machines, providing a trade for them in later years.   I just melt when I see this....

I can't stop staring at these pictures.  Because of special events at school, all the kids couldn't have their picture taken at this time but we can see the expressions by getting a new outfit.  This is a first for Paul and Silas in front....left.  Can you imagine when the next 4 little ones come in?

Our guardhouse needed some cheer.

Slowly we are completing the final touches on the compound.  The guards are sometimes stuck inside this guardhouse for hours protecting Edwin, staff and the children so a new coat of paint and a concrete floor is a real treat for them.

OK....this is serious!!  Edwin's father planted a banana plantation in 2014 for me to bake banana bread and I was just informed to come back to Uganda to start baking because it's getting out of control.  There are currently 700 trees....I might be 90 years old when this is finished.....

Thanks to all of you who have helped us provide everything necessary to raise these children.  We couldn't have done it without you.  Always remember that 100% of your donations go to our Home of Angels and a tax receipt is issued at the end of the year.

God bless you all