Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The Child of Whom the Angels Sing

At our Home of Angels, we've had many dreams over the past 9 years, all of which were thought to be impossible situations.  If you've been following the blogs, you will have seen that every one of them has been accomplished to date.  All the projects so far have been constructed and run by Ugandans.  We feel it's very important to help their economy and support their families by giving them the work.

The wisest idea we had, was to build a grass hut that holds 150 people.  The community is invited to watch the Jesus video on weekends and all special events are hosted in this one area.  But, the best part about our grass hut, and what the children are at this moment preparing for, is Christmas.  They will sing a song about "The Child of Whom the Angels Sing" and we all know this is Jesus.  It's Jesus that helped them all to be in the situation they're currently in and they thank him EVERY night at their praise and worship in the grass hut before they go to bed.  

I recently arrived in Uganda to find them all waiting for me with Uncle Edwin coaching them to be goofy and making them laugh.  What a welcome.

I had to leave 2 weeks later because of business in Canada but while there, I took pictures for all of you to see their growth and the amazing changes I had witnessed in just 5 months.

I hope you enjoy these pictures and for those who sponsor one of these kids, thanks for helping them celebrate life with such happiness.  We are still looking for sponsors for 4 of the new children if anyone would like to join our team.

When I arrive in Uganda now, I go into my friend's hotel for the evening and a driver will pick me up in the morning and take me to Jinja.  Because it's such a long drive home, I would rather arrive during the day and be able to give lots of hugs.  How could I not produce a tear or two with this unbelievable welcome?

Everyone gets a hug but it's not so easy anymore to do the twirling.  I have to find a way to be 20 years old again...  Any ideas?

This is our new sign for Morning Star Nursery School.  You will notice Day Care, but it's not the same there as in North America.  The children go to Baby and Top class which is for the little ones and they too learn but take naps in the afternoon.   The older kids told me that the little ones speak better English than they do.

The next morning we went to school

I had brought lots of school banners, posters, and learning material.  Here are David, Yiga and our little Sambo preparing to give them to the teacher Aidha.  I cannot put into words how proud these kids are of their new school and their new teacher.  In just a few months, she has taught them not only mathematics but English.  Little Joweli, age 4 can now communicate with me.

Meet teacher Aidha.  She has decided, because the children did so well in their last term at Morning Star school, that she would give them an end of year party.  We bought sodas, had a professional graduation cake made and blew up lots of balloons.  This is why our new school is doing so well.  We have a teacher that really cares and because of that, the quality of education is high. Many families are now wanting to enroll their children in the future.

"30 Hours of Banana Bread" was created by Stephanie Reddicopp.  She provided the act of kindness movement to be spread all over the world and that's just what it did.  There was no money involved, just a gesture of kindness to people who would enjoy a loaf and put a smile on their face at Christmas time.

Even Banana Bread Rayah got involved and learned to make loaves of bread to hand out to the needy.  What a Christmas blessing this has been.

Here we are back at Home of Angels sorting beans.  Every day, this must be done.  Sorting the beans and also sorting the G-nuts (peanuts).   This is Eva helping Hadeja with the work.  Hadeja has made a huge difference to the workload for the Aunties and the children respect her, as tough as she is.  When you have these many little people, toughness with love is the key.

It's departing time for Jaaja Barb.  Everyone starts crying but I now have a new weapon.  We play a game and I have to cry the loudest and they must follow.  By the time we're finished, there are only tears of laughter.   I must tell you though, it's very difficult to leave them all.

Uncle Edwin with Joweli and Sambo

I hope you enjoy their song for you.

All of us at Home of Angels would like to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a joyous Year 2019.