Sunday, May 27, 2018

Promise of a Peaceful Home

Whether you are one of the sixty-five million refugees in this world today or one of the abandoned children we've taken into our Home of Angels, every one of these people dreams of a peaceful home where they don't have to live in fear.   Thanks to the kindness of many of you, the children we are raising have experienced this peace, but what about the millions out there that still face the dangers every day?   We hear our children praising the Lord every night thanking Him for the beautiful home they live in.  They may not know all that is happening in this great big world of ours, but as the older kids learn, they share it with the little ones.  In prayer, they ask Him to bring peace to our world and provide the needs to all His children.

School will start in Jinja on Monday.  Our two older girls, Hope and Desire headed south to Masaka to their boarding school.  This was the greatest gift a child could ever receive over there and we thank the donor very much for giving them a chance to succeed in life.  Even though most of the kids cried, they had a big smile of excitement as they waved goodbye.

The nursery school for our 31 little people will be finished on Monday.  We have a very strong teacher that will hopefully work miracles in their lives.  She has been preparing all month for this and honestly, I was very impressed with her.  She will give them a good basis for P1 which is equivalent to Grade 1 in North America.

It's been a very exciting month with our two teams of young adults visiting from Canada.  They helped so many of the impoverished people living in our area and also were a huge asset to our children.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.

You can never get all the children in one picture.  If they are helping the Aunty cook, washing dishes or just taking a shower, they miss out.  This group of children was preparing to walk to church with our guard.  Presently, women and children in our area are being kidnapped so we are taking every precaution.  We now have an adult walking with them at all times or they must walk in groups.

Thank you, Thomas, for the solar lights you donated from Hong Kong.  We are distributing them to the many poor people deep in the bush and what we hear from everyone is a HUGE thank you for helping them.  Especially the children who need to do homework at night.  They're seeing light for the first time in the dark.  God bless you.

It's clean up time with weeding 

And grass cutting

The first team that came to Home of Angels helped our friend Mutesi patch up her home so the snakes and creatures couldn't get in.  James taught them to squish the mud between their toes to mix it and then fill the holes.  She was thrilled.  Edwin and I then bought iron sheets to prevent the rains from coming in through her roof.

The 2nd team from Canada worked so hard to paint the wall around the school.  This is only the primer coat but then each panel was painted a different color.  

This wasn't completed but you can get the idea.  Color everywhere.

Oh my goodness, we are so proud of this school.  It's absolutely beautiful.  We thank the Tsawwassen Rotary Club for donating enough to convert it from a chicken house.  We've named it "Morning Star Nursery School" and it officially opens on Monday for our 31 children in Home of Angels. 

Since there are 3-year-olds attending, the room on the end is fully carpeted for naps.

The second team from Canada baptized the older children in this pool.  We rented a swimming pool and it worked out well.  A very exciting day for everyone and Edwin and I were thrilled to have these young adults attend from Canada to celebrate with us.

I know, all the kids look the same with their heads shaved but the little one you see in the middle is Joweli, a girl.  Let me give you a better picture of this precious child.

Meet 3-year-old Joweli.  She's one of the children we took in from the abandoned orphanage and you couldn't find anyone happier now.

We would also like to thank Andy Steiger and his team for raising money for us by selling mugs through the "Human Project".  We will be able to get all the teaching equipment with it and still have enough for operations.   God bless you all for working so hard to make this happen.

Once again, thanks to all of you who follow our story and give both Edwin and I so much encouragement.  These children surprise me every time I go back.  They are growing leaps and bounds, but not only that, they are speaking English so much better now. and we figure in another year they will be fluent.