Sunday, June 19, 2011

A small light ahead as we continue on this long journey.........

Thanks once again for making this light grow brighter and brighter.  For the first time we can really see
a small community forming, children playing in front of the house on the grass instead of in the dirt, climbing the many trees and most important.....smiling faces.  We have a long way to go but the light is starting to shine brighter thanks to all of you. Thanks to the people who continue to bake banana bread for us and for all the people who sell and purchase it.

 Speaking of climbing trees....Edwin sent this picture today of the kids in our neighborhood doing just that.

Everyone knows Edwin.  No, he is not on the police force but he is a wonderful 23 year old whose heart is for suffering children.  The child in front of you is suffering....very badly.  This is our Nathan and if you have followed this blog, you know that he has HIV/AIDS and recently had been diagnosed with cancer.  I cannot put a picture up as it is very disturbing to most as the tumors have engulfed his eyes and nose.
Every day Edwin and his brothers attend to him making sure he is comfortable and last night I was able to tell him how much God and all of us love him.  My daughter and her family provided a bed with blankets, pillows and a mosquito net so that Nathan will be more comfortable at this time.  Thanks Kim and Chris......  

Let me introduce Edwin's two brothers.  This is Dr. Isaac and every day he comes to Nathan's village and cleans his eyes and gives him medicine.  Isaac also has a heart for the suffering and does not take money for his services.  He does what he can with the medicine he has and when we have a little extra, it goes his way for helping the kids. 

This child was burned with hot water.  You can't just go and find a bandage in these places, because there is nothing, but again, because of Isaac this little one was lucky to have it covered.  Isaac will be our Home of Angel's house doctor and we are putting a small clinic in the house being built now so that he can attend to the many children that need him.

Meet David our organizer and the man who knows everyone and everything.....What would we do without David?  He knows where to get everything at the lowest cost and best quality.  Our Home of Angels is built well because his expertise in purchasing and smoozing and we could not have done it without him.  Just a secret little tip....David is going to be a daddy very soon but he would be mad at me if I told anyone, so keep this quiet....shhhhhhhh

This is our home as of the day I left Uganda.  As you can see, there are 3 apartments for the staff, clinic and all of you who want to come and visit us.  Since then......

The verandas are built on each unit

And the grass has been planted, but in a very different way than we do it.  This will end up as a beautiful lawn and this is where I see the kids playing out in front of their home.  I even vision a swing set but then again, my dreams have always been big.

I wanted to share this video of my trip to Jinja~