Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Simply Trusting

We live in a fallen world and we see and hear of many situations that just break our hearts.  For Edwin and I, we feel pain witnessing the children suffering.  Without worrying about how we will do it, we pray that God will find a way to use unexpected encounters to bring unexpected blessings to help us, and He always does.

I will be leaving for Uganda this week with Andy Steiger, President of Apologetics Canada and a group of men from Power to Change.  They will be filming at our Home of Angels for the "Human Project" series and we couldn't be more blessed to have been chosen.

I wanted to let you know that the children are all doing well and preparing for their new 20 brothers and sisters to arrive in 2018.  Thanks to Richard and his family, they are being taken care of until we can get them all checked at the hospital and make sure they're healthy enough to move into our Home of Angels.

As you can see, they have been working very hard to build the nursery school to have it open for the new school year.  Thanks to the Tsawwassen Rotary, we have been able to finish one house where we will be teaching our 33 children under the ages of 6 years old.  The entire farm compound has been divided in half.  One side for the school and a playground and the other end for the vegetable gardens.

I'm excited that the children will all be on holidays when we're there so I can take lots of pictures to update you all before Christmas.

Meet Aunty Jennifer.  She's a wonderful woman that loves children and works very hard to teach the young ones how to work.  It's very different from our country Canada.  These children start learning about survival when they are 3 years old.  They learn to wash clothes, to cook and to clean but have nothing to use but their hands.  

At one time there were 1,000 chickens in these houses with 24 goats and massive gardens on the other side of the property.  Everyone's chickens in our area died one day from a disease and the gardens stopped producing many vegetables when the rains came last year.  No one knows what it was, but we now see people spraying chemicals.  It's very sad because they have no idea the damage of what chemicals can do to the human body.

So we brought in many truckloads of clean dirt and started to convert the chicken houses into a nursery school.

Our faithful workers, Sula and James, once again planted the grass, one root at a time, 2" apart.  They planted shade trees where it was necessary and they say I'm in for a big surprise next week when I see these changes.  I can't wait.....

A rock wall and a sidewalk have been made for the children to enter their new school.  There will be a playground on one side and gardens at the other end of the compound.  Once the sock pit and latrine are done, the entire compound will be completed.

It was sad for the chicken to go, but at the same time, a school for our kids is also a great idea.  This will save us school fees for 3 years and with 33 little ones under the age of 6 years old, they will get much better individual attention this way.  A good start for grade 1 ahead of them.

For nine years, Save on Foods has donated all the ingredients for the banana bread we bake to raise money for our Home of Angels.  Together with the firefighters at Hall #7 and volunteers, we sell hundreds of loaves.  There are no words to thank these people for what they have done to help these children.  Thank you Save on Foods for standing with us all these years to make a difference to so many children.  I want to thank Christina, Kaelin and Levi for volunteering and to the firefighters who came out to spin the wheel for SOF points.  You are all amazing.

We live in the Busoga kingdom which is the 2nd largest kingdom in Uganda.  Edwin was offered the position of Trade and Development Minister, of which he accepted.  You are witnessing the official swearing-in for this position.  Congratulations Edwin (holding the blue papers).  It goes to show you how many people trust and love you there.

Edwin and I want to also thank all of you for participating in this journey with us.  You not only encourage us to keep on going; you donate for everything that it takes to make our home function.
We are so grateful to all of you.