Sunday, March 26, 2017

Love Without Borders

As you know, we have two projects currently happening in Uganda.  The Home of Angels with 25 beautiful children and bore holes being drilled in our community for people suffering famine due to lack of rain.  Many of you are asking for information on each so I'm combining both situations here today.

The first bore hole has been completed and very successfully I might add.  The hydrologist found a huge aquifer with an unlimited supply of clean water to supply 8 villages.  Thanks to all of you who contributed to make this happen.

People in another area have been blessed by Ptarmigan Foundation in Alberta.  This wonderful organization has donated complete funding to drill the 2nd bore hole in an area where no-one has had access to clean water in over 80 years. They had given up hope but now realize that God again had not forgotten them.  We hear that same story over and over.

Even though there is all this tragedy around us, our priority of course is our Home of Angels and raising 25 wonderful children.  Thanks to Edwin and our dedicated staff, this is happening and I watch from Canada just as proud as punch.  The anchor of God's faithfulness holds firm in the strongest storms.

We'd like to show you some pictures of all the activity happening with both our home and the water.

Our 200,000 confer seedlings are doing well mainly because we have water on our property and a dedicated staff.  We will be transporting them this week with the help of the forestry officers.  They have offered us a truck and crew to help transplant the trees in the village north of us.

This dear lady is our neighbour.  Almost blind and no food for 3 days, she came to us for help.  The children asked Uncle Edwin if they could gather eggs for her.  This is what they meant when they asked if they could have their own little people ministry.  They wanted to help the widows and the elderly, and they do, every chance they get.  All I see is God's love in their faces.

Our little Jimmy!!  This little boy lost his twin brother Derrick in the village at Christmas. He had to return for the funeral, but tribal customs are to mourn for 40 days.  Jimmy came back completely changed and we are praying for healing.  We will never know what happened but we are confident that with lots of love he will be OK.

Babies taking care of babies is a common sight 

We've been very blessed to find James, our new guard.  He's had to leave his wife and new baby to find work and we were the lucky ones to have hired him.  His background is teaching both English and the Bible and because the kids respect him so much, they're learning quickly.

This is Miracle.....a little girl with polio and macrocephaly (enlargement of the head).  Both Alan and Precious wanted to help her so Uncle Edwin helped them bring eggs, bread and milk to her home.
What a wonderful picture of kids helping kids no matter what the circumstance.

The first bore hole has been completed.  From dirty red water to clean clear water and lots of it.

This is the village where the 2nd bore hole will be drilled.  The only water left is at the bottom of this steep hill and to climb it with 10 and 20 litre jerry cans is a challenge.  The women and children fetch water at least 5 times a day.  Thank you Ptarmigan Foundation for helping these people make a dream come true.

One night while walking, Edwin heard an elderly gentleman in his hut weeping and went to find out what was wrong.  He found a man severely burned.  He hadn't eaten or moved for 3 days because of the pain.  He went home and got the car while Aunty Joy quickly heated up food so that he had something on his stomach before the pain medicine.  Now, "Dr. Edwin" proceeded to cover the wounds with burn medication.  Thank you Thomas for helping the people in our community have access to medicine.

It takes a great team of ordinary people to make a difference in this world.  As far as Edwin and I are concerned, we have a very special group of caring people who we call our team.  Thank you to everyone who found it in their hearts to reach out and make a difference, whatever the situation.

God bless you all.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Perfect Gift

As many of you know, I returned home from Uganda early in January.  One reason being that I was witnessing so many people dying from lack of food and water.  I was becoming as callused to death as the many who live there had become.  The last rains anyone could remember were in June 2016.

I felt God calling me home for two reasons.  There was very little water left in the swamps.  The town pumps had been turned off due to low water levels and the people were constantly telling Edwin and I that God had forgotten them.  He had not forgotten any of them.

Many of you felt the urgency on GoFundMe to help dig a bore hole for them and in two days we had enough funds to begin.  The aquifer they found was very large and we were told it will service five villages for many years.  On a sad note though, one of our drillers was bitten by a black mamba snake and died.  R.I.P. Andrew.

We were also blessed with more funds to continue on with a second bore hole in yet another very poor area.   We will keep you all updated on this one also as another "Perfect Gift" unfolds.

Thanks so much for caring for these people who literally have water, food, electricity, medicine or medical help.  Believe it or not, they will now survive with this water thanks to you.

It's been suggested that we go on GoFundMe once again to help another area survive.  I would love to hear from you if you think we should try for a 3rd and final well.  It's now been 10 months with no rains.

Media filming what's left of the regular source of water

In the meantime, we would like to show you the reaction of the villagers when clean water exploded from the ground.  There were 7 TV stations, 1 radio station and 3 newspaper organizations there to witness what God and the world had done for the people in our impoverished community.

Click on link below

Thank you to everyone who gave these wonderful people "The Perfect Gift"