Monday, June 18, 2012

Winning and Losing

The journey that Edwin and I are on is all about "Winning" and "Losing".

We have been blessed with so many of you sending donations, buying my banana bread and just praying for our success in building Jaaja Barb's Home of Angels.  Sponsoring the kids, sending them to school and letting them know they are loved is so wonderful.

We started this project in 2010.  Since then, we have many followers that contact us daily to find out what they can do.  We have been able to build almost an entire 1 1/2 acre compound with an added 2 acres for sustainability.  We have no funding and we are trying to get a tax number, but while we wait, you never give up and don't worry about what you will get in return.  This is where we WIN...friends, family and supporters who care.

Then there are the kids that LOSE ...what about the ones who have died while patienting waiting for our home to open.  Our special little guy, Nathan.  Who can forget our little Nathan who died from cancer with 27 tumors on his head when HIV should have taken him.  Or what about Joseph who suffers from HIV that is hanging on for his first home. Kind neighbours look after him in the meantime.  Or what about our missing little one, Sammy.  This is Hope and Desire's brother, who's blind Grandma is hiding him so she can have help to survive.  Sammy is 8 years old and takes care of her, not able to go to school.  Tragic...

These things don't only happen in Uganda, but a problem around the world.  I chose to come here to try and make a small difference.  Because of Edwin on the other side of the world controlling things, and with all of you....We are going to make it.  We are hoping for early 2013 to be up and running but only God knows this for sure.   I believe He is smiling down on us and will help us make this a reality.  Thank you all for following us and caring.

The north side of the wall has reached 8' and runs alongside the road leaving the property by the main gate.  We only have one side to finish and that is beside the grass hut. Once this is done, the plastering will be competed and the gate installed.  Rolls of electrical wire will be placed on top of the entire compound wall.  

The kids home has been painted.  Burgundy doors with beige, white and burnt almond colouring.  This is beautiful and thank you Edwin and Jenson for your expertise in the combination of these colours.  The grass is growing fast and I think James better be getting his panga ready for it's first cut.

Peter has worked very hard on painting and prepping all the rooms for the kids.  Edwin painted the doors and windows so I do have to give him credit for that.  Good job both of you.

All that is left are the floors.  The beds are welded and the trimming and pictures are ready to be hung. Can you imagine a little one coming into this room from a the streets and being able to call this home? I will be sure to take pictures of this to show you all.  

These floors are so pretty but take so long to make.  They started them when I left in May. Each step has to be performed and then dried for days.  The 3 apartments  are almost complete which include 9 bedrooms, 3 kitchens, 3 sitting roomsand 3 kitchens including hallways.  We are grateful to the Hydo company for putting in the the electricity so we can use the machines to grind and polish the stone.  

Edwin is starting to lay the paving stones for the paths and roadway.  We have 10,000 paving stones waiting behind him and we may need more as they complete the roadway out to the gate.  This will complete the look of the project and cut back on the dirt for the homes. When we are finished, there will be only grass, gardens and paving stones inside the compound.  Oh, and most importantly, the mango,  papaya, avocado, jackfriut trees and banana trees. Can't believe I am going to live with a real banana tree.

I'm very proud of my daughter and family to have sponsored 3 kids from one family. They have never had the chance to live together before. You never see these kids smile, but I think I see one sneaking through, don't you?  Kim and Chris decided to help them to grow up together, but also to start them in school now.  They say they are going to make you proud and I am instructed to say "Thanks" to you.  

This is Celeste and her brother Chase.  You may recognize Celeste as she and her friends are baking banana bread as a project in Heritage Woods Secondary School.  They are close to raising $1,000 and this is the 2nd time they have done it.  Wow!

Celeste is graduating this year and so is her brother Chase from elementary school, so to celebrate this event, they thought it would be a great idea to get each of the 30 kids in Chase's classroom to draw a picture of what life in a Canadian school is like.  I will take it to Uganda and get the kids there to do the same and bring it back here.  Great idea you guys....and thanks.

This picture is in the local prison where the men came from that dug our trench.  We wanted to say thanks to them in a way that would be useful and since they were so sick, it was medicine we chose. Carolyn and Warren sent us the money for this to happen and Edwin and Dr. Isaac proceeded to carry out this task.  No cameras were allowed in the cells so these are the guards checking it over first in the office.  There were 111 men on the men's side and 22 on the women's side. Isaac tested for malaria and found 5 positives.  All men had fungal disease (ringworm) so tablets were dispensed. 25 men had diarrhea and they all had wounds from hard labor so he administered antiseptics.
Isaac had purchased a case of soap and divided it up among them all before leaving.

Thanks once again to all of you who follow this blog.  We are not there yet, but each time becomes a little closer and I know that in God's timing, it will happen.  Also, thanks to everyone who bought my banana bread.  It really means a lot to me that you keep ordering and there is always a big thanks to Save on Food for supplying all the ingredients for us.  If I can keep this going, I figure another 1000 loaves and we can finish.

God bless you all.....