Sunday, June 16, 2019

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Lufafa

The day finally arrived when Edwin and Precious would say their vows.  Precious had waited patiently for 5 years while Edwin worked hard to build the Home of Angels into what it is today.

It couldn't have been more beautiful and celebrated by the ones who meant the most.  Edwin, with his brothers, Precious with her niece and nephew and myself with Joyce, Miranda, and Deanna from Canada.  It was a special time and even though they decided against having the original 1000's attend the traditional Introduction on the day prior to the wedding, this way was just as wonderful in the Magistrate's office.  How could they justify spending thousands of dollars on themselves when we have starvation all around us.  That's not who Edwin and Precious are.  They both have devoted their lives to serving God and decided that money would go to the needy instead.  I am one proud Jaaja.

After the wedding, we went back to our home so the children would have a chance to celebrate with the newlyweds too.  Closer to dinner we then headed to Lake Victoria to a beautiful hotel and had dinner on the lake.  Many others showed up to celebrate with us and wish them a happy life together.  Everything was perfect.

We'd love to share some pictures of their celebration day.

What a happy day for these two.  A long time waiting but they did it and look forward to a long life together.

A little story about this beautiful child called Rissling.  Precious's sister died when Rissling was a baby and Precious decided to raise her.  Precious is "Mommy" and Uncle Edwin is now "Daddy".
To watch her with Edwin was like watching a real father and their child.  It is beautiful and very touching.

I'd like you to meet my friends from Canada.  This is Deanna in the white and Joyce in the orange.
Rissling, of course, enjoying everyone's friendship.  Her English is very good and she made it a point to love everyone.

And Miranda, our photographer who was always taking the best pictures.  I had to introduce you to her because she is just amazing.  Miranda and Joyce are on our Board of Directors here in Canada.
Wish I had a picture of how this all turned out. 😇

As Edwin and Precious had their wedding in the Magistrate's office, we decided to have the wedding celebration in our "NEW" grass hut.  We had decorations, a cake was ordered and the kids decorated the grass hut with help and it was all ready for when we got home.  I say "NEW" because before we left Canada, I had a phone call from a very special person who has been with us since the beginning in 2009.  Her niece had passed away and she wanted to raise money for Home of Angels.  What did we need?  Oh my goodness, perfect timing because the grass hut roof was leaking, the floor was damaged and paint was falling off everywhere. It was 10 years old and to be expected.

She raised enough money to fix the entire house, plus purchase 50 new chairs and 7 tables.  Thank you, Leanne, for all you've done for us now and in the past.  God bless you, my friend.

A beautiful new grass hut ready for a wedding celebration.

The head table was beautiful 

The Muzungu's took charge in waiting on all the people attending and made sure there was enough cake.  The kids had forks for the first time in their lives and would you believe when I left over a week later, they had saved their forks and were eating their rice and beans with them.  When I asked what I could bring back...the answer was "more forks".  By the way, Muzungu means "white".

When the celebration was over and everyone had gone home, Edwin and I bought a palm tree to be planted in honor of our little friend who had passed.  The kids planted it in her honor and prayed over it.  Her family will be able to watch it grow over the years to remember how the children in Uganda cared about her.

Well, it's birthday time again.  Somehow I'm thinking this isn't right.  I seem to already remember having a birthday party this year but when Jaaja comes to Uganda, I think it's an automatic.  Chocolate cake and soda.  Ummm, don't ever think these kids aren't really smart.

The family celebrating Uncle Edwin and Precious's wedding

Not sure if this is more important than the cake.  Popcorn on the last day I'm there.  Every time when I make a baggy of popcorn in the kitchen trying to make a surprise, there's always the tiptoeing around peeking in windows to see if I'm popping corn.  This is a huge treat and to see their smiles is so worth it.

There are so many wonderful things to tell you about this side of the world but this blog is only about Edwin and Precious's special day. 

Stay tuned for next month and thanks to all of you who help us monthly.
God bless you all