Tuesday, March 24, 2015

God's Fingerprints

I believe that we are all God's fingerprints...every one of us.  It makes me smile when I think of His 12 little fingerprints that already live in our Home of Angels.  With Edwin and the staff, there are many more, but let's just speak about our little ones for now.  Every one of our kids has a story to tell.  Some are worse than others but no matter what the difference is, they would never have had the chance if God had not chosen them to live in a controlled environment with a family at their side.

We recently took in Ivan...a little boy from the north that spoke neither English or Luganda.  A child that had Kwashiorkor (lack of protein), or our most recent child, Yasin, a 4-year old that has never seen anything but a mud hut and jiggers.  Look what God has given us....children with no hope and we were chosen to give them a life of structure and love.  We feel so blessed.

We are presently looking for 2 more children.  The 2nd children's home is almost completed and we will soon be able to house another 35+ kids, taking only 2 at a time.  The reason being, the kids we are looking for have suffered with either sickness or no adult in their life.  We will need to nurture them back to health and ingrain trust into them, so 2 at a time is as fast as we choose to go.  The children in our Home of Angels currently are excited to help these new ones to gradually fit into this pattern of living.  That is their past and they understand better than anyone how they have suffered.

I want to acknowledge the children in our country as well.   We have these amazing kids that want to make a difference.  From ages 1 to 5 years at a pre-kindergarten up to kids in their teens wanting to help change a life and when given the opportunity to help, they give it everything they have.  See below what these kids have done to help change our broken world.  We need to acknowledge them in a very big way, because they too see the pain and suffering of other children around the world.  The only difference is, they need an adult to guide them.

Below are pictures that demonstrate how people are helping children, widows and the elderly.  I hope you enjoy them.

There is never enough thanks to Northview Church for helping us to complete our 2nd children's home.  If we can find sponsors for the next 35+ children, we will then be able to house them and take care of all their needs.  Yes, the grass looks like it is dying, and it is.  The rainy season usually starts in February but this year it didn't arrive.  All vegetation is slowing dying.

Meet our newest child Yasin.   Yasin has lived with his 98 year old grandpa most of his life.   All they have is a mud hut and a board to sleep on.  We have now removed him to come and live with us as his Grandpa's health is failing quickly and he will need a good home to survive.  This is what I mean by "God's fingerprints".  Yes, he is a boy...Grandpa never could find clothes for him so all he has is a ripped girls skirt to wear.

Aunty Aidha is at it again....pulling jiggers out of the new children's feet.  Yasin was supposed to come for only a visit but after Aunty pulled out 24 jiggers, he couldn't put shoes on through the pain.  If he had gone back into the mud hut, more jiggers would have entered into the wounds so we made a bed for him and he stayed.  Little Alan, also 4 years old, shared his legos with him so that when the kids were in school, he would have something to play with.  

Our chickens are laying enough eggs daily that we can share them with the community, hospitals and places like Serving His Children.  Ivan's life was basically saved at this wonderful home.  Renee and her team take malnourished children from the villages, teach the caregiver how to feed the child and also teach about nutrition.  Ivan was here 3 times, but this time, no one wanted him back home and she asked if we would take him to live with us.  The answer was immediately yes.  Ivan always wanted to go back for a visit but the idea of taking 120 eggs as a gift made him feel so special.  He was now giving back.

Edwin took Alan and Ivan to the elderly/mentally challenged home where they had a chance to give the people their first eggs in years.

Academics Pre-Kindergarten called and asked if I would come down and speak to kids ages 1 to 5 years.  I figured this Grandma could get down to their level and show them how other kids lived in this world.  I did and after that, they wanted to have a bottle drive.  They raised $182.50 in bottles and called me to present the cheque.  They were so proud.

 MEI school in Abbotsford agreed to host another Mother/Daughter,
Grandma/Granddaughter sewing event.  This evening was to
sew pillow case dresses for our Home of Angels girls and
the many community children that don't have a nice dress.
Thanks Christina and Kim for creating this event.  Everyone
had so much fun, especially the kids....

Kaelin and Courtney really loving this.....

Almost finished

Remember our little Nathan that passed away from AIDS?  His mother and brother were suddenly told they had to move.  Mutesi does not have too much longer with us, but to be sick and have no home was unthinkable to Edwin and I.  We both put together our money and were able to help her put up her own mud hut.  Thanks to some friends, she was not alone doing this.  Edwin found someone in the area that allowed her to use a corner of their land so all that she need to do is mix the mud.

She will have 2 rooms when she is finished

Thank you Marlaina for helping Mutesi.  Edwin bought her soap, rice, poncho and beans with your donation.  

We have a new classroom. We made the old room into another boy's bedroom but this one
is much bigger, a fresh coat of paint and more light.  Edwin is having a discussion with the kids as to what each child is struggling with in school.  I will then plan lessons together with the books they use, to help them at home.  Internet is wonderful when it comes to this.  Thanks again Nina for all the things you donated for this room.  Bookshelves are presently being built along with more tables.

We will have an update on the next blog regarding the goats.  Edwin has been so busy trying to put everything together at the home that he and David haven't had a chance to go to the village and take pictures for the blog.  As for now we have close to 50 goats that have cleared the vet's inspection and are rapidly growing.

Thanks again everyone for helping us.  It looks like we are so close to the end but we still need to find donations for operating costs and sponsors for the kids.  Please contact me if you find it in your hearts to help us to help the children.

God bless all of you