Sunday, July 28, 2019

Unfailing Love

Life has its challenges and heartaches but in the middle of our troubles, God encourages us with His amazing love and truth that brings us through our immediate circumstances.

Uganda is certainly a country that faces many challenges.  One that is currently touching our hearts at Home of Angels is our Aunty Hadeja who was due to have a baby at the beginning of June.  She had an appointment yesterday and they discovered the baby had been dead for some time.  Because of lack of education with female issues, she just kept waiting as this is another issue not talked about.  Edwin and Precious took her to the hospital for a C-section and between Precious and Aunty Joy, they are taking shifts to be with her making sure she doesn't need anything and isn't alone.  This is another example why we call ourselves a big family and not an orphanage.

On a happier note, we found out on Thursday that we've been accepted by the CRA to become a charity. It was quite a shock because it was a very short time since they received our application. There were no concerns or questions at all.  We have been truly blessed once again.

For the time being, please don't send any sponsor or pad postdated cheques.  As soon as we determine the cutoff time from KIDS to HOA, I'll let you all know the details.  We thank you ahead of time for  your patience.

Aunty Jennifer, Aunty Hadeja, our beautiful bride Precious and Aunty Joy

This is a picture of our inside compound wall.  The land owner on the other side stripped the trees off his property, causing our concrete to seep over time.

The men dug a trench around 3 sides of the compound and John, our contractor cemented stone slates into the wall to prevent it from happening again.  It's actually worked very well Edwin says.

We want to show you all the little boys so you can see how they're growing.  Uncle Edwin might be tough when he needs to be, but he also shows so much love to these kids that when they are in pain or trouble, they run to no one else for help.  This is one of the reasons they are so well behaved and happy.

This is Sam, one of the children from the abandoned orphanage.  He was so shy and quiet at the beginning but now, thanks to Deanna, his sponsor, he's come out of his shell and is such a little goof.

You might see these little ones always in yellow shirts and most of the time, black shorts.  They love them because they're cool and most of the time, you never know who's got who's on.   Thanks Doreen for making them along with the black shorts.  To get them to change is a challenge.

Aunty Deanna brought many books that she thought the big girls would be able to read and she was right.  They were able to read every one of them and already asking for more when I go back.

The grass is cut every 2 weeks now because of the rain and mosquitos causing malaria.  It gives the kids a full day of working together outside preparing the yard for their favouite game which is soccer.
They will play for hours and believe me, when you see them kick that ball without shoes, it hurts to watch.

What would we ever do without Cheeza?  He sees that full truck of wood being dumped and immediately starts hours of chopping.  He never complains and so grateful for Edwin trusting him enough to give him a real job.

Sometimes you just never know who's watching

Our little Joweli cleaning the paving stones

We would like to thank you all ahead of time for having patience in our upcoming transition.  These are very exciting times ahead and we're happy you are part of our HOA team to witness it.  We will rest in God's amazing love as we get through all these new challenges in the near future.

Thanks again.