Monday, June 29, 2015

God's Little Angels Ministry

Edwin and I have always talked about raising a next generation of Christian leaders with Biblical love in a family style environment.  To date, we have taken the most vulnerable of these children, provided them with Agape love and seen the amazing results.  Did you know that Uganda has the largest orphan population per capita of any country in the world?  It does and there are many wonderful organizations around the world trying to help these kids find their way.

When we make a decision to take another new child into our home, we have a family meeting on Skype.  We include the children and by doing so, they feel valuable and are excited to help that new child feel welcome.  I don't know how to say this exactly...we are not exactly like an orphanage...we are more like a loving home.

God commands us to protect and care for orphans and widows.  This is what Edwin and I are teaching the children.  Each chance they get, they go into a community with him providing food, mosquito nets to both AIDS women and to the children.  They are making special trips into the community to pray over the sick and most importantly, they are showing the Jesus video to many in our grass hut.  Did you also know that more than half the children under 5 years old have the malaria parasite present in their blood?  Across the country, anywhere from 25,000 children under 5 years old die of malaria annually according to Doctors without Borders.  All it takes is a $5.00 mosquito net.

We are focusing on our God's Little Angel's Ministry in this blog.  They asked us a year ago if they could do this ministry and we doubted they could accomplish it.  Boy....were we wrong.  Here are some pictures of them in the community doing God's work.  We are so very proud of them.

Maureen and Yasin give HIV/AIDS women mosquito nets.

I'm not sure who is more happy....the kids
or the widows.

These women are our neighbours.  They are afflicted with HIV/AIDS and we want to make sure they are getting enough protein.  For Maureen and Yasin, even at their young ages, to help them was very important to them.  They know that eggs is a high source of protein.

This picture is very special to me personally.  Our girls and Joseph found a woman named Rosemary to help.  She is very weak with AIDS and they wanted her to get protein like they are getting.  They also brought her some sugar and a mosquito net.  This is what it is all about....this and the picture below say it all.

They not only gave Rosemary a mosquito net, sugar and eggs, they prayed over her.  Her 7-year-old
grandson behind watches on.  He is the provider of all food as his grandma Rosemary is too weak.  We will be back here in the future to help both of them.

Edwin bought 50 mosquito nets with his wages.  As many times as we tell him to save his money, he feels God wants him to provide for the orphans and widows.  He is trying to teach the younger ones how important it is to follow God's word.  Each time they go out, they are very excited and want to know when they can do it again.

This is another village up north where the people are sick and very poor.  The Moms were so happy to see their children receive a mosquito net as they could never afford one.  

Our kids giving out mosquito nets to children less fortunate

 Shaban might not have functioning legs due to polio but that doesn't stop him.  He is with the kids every day cutting grass to feed their goats on our farm compound.

We will be building a structure for the kids goats soon.  Each child will have a goat to take care of and will learn about responsibility.  They realize also that if needed, they will have to give their goat up for food but they will do this when the time is right.  So far we have 6 goats with 2 mamas pregnant with 2 kids each.  Total soon will be 10.

The passion fruit are recovering after the draught and will be picked at the end of July.  This again will be given to our kids and the poor in our area.  So far there are 1000's of them hanging.

Remember "Faithful" the cow?  We are so blessed to have Laury and Tom in our lives to have provided the sale of Faithful to put in our well for water.  Not only have they provided water for our children and compound, they have provided water for the community.  4 years later and after testing again, we are still pumping 5000 litres/hour.  This is our neighbour girl that brings water to her family when she can.

We may be suffering from extreme heat on the westcoast of Canada but isn't it ironic how across the world suffers from extreme rains.  God is in full control and we must work with whatever He provides.  Whether rain or shine, the kids are doing what they feel they must do. Edwin and I are
so proud of all of them and cannot wait until we can bring more children into our Home of Angels.
We are waiting for just a short time due to the elections.  We will let you know when the next children arrive.  If anyone would like to sponsor a child, let me know and I will share the details with you.

We would also like to thank all the people who supported us in the past month to continue building and making a healthy home for the children.  Thanks for the new latrine and septic tank provided by
"John".   We would also like to let Thomas know that we are up to 78 healthy goat in Malindi village.  As soon as Edwin and David can get though the muddy roads, he will be getting pictures for you.  Thank you once again for your kind heart to provide these goats to us and also to everyone else who sponsored children and took it upon themselves to help us.