Wednesday, August 6, 2014


When I look back at the 64 blogs written over the past few years and the 54,000 hits that I didn't even know were a huge amount, I realize now how green I am.   People write me all the time and ask how we did it and I just keeping answering, trust in God, don't quit and it will happen.  To be really honest with you though, we had no idea this would grow into such a wonderful project with children so enthusiastic to learn and want to help others as they do.  We are aware how truly blessed we are.  God knew what He was doing when he designed this plan, but what we didn't know was what He had planned for our future.  Amazing things are starting to happen in our little jungle community….

We do realize though that we have some issues to deal with in order to complete our Home of Angels.  Thanks to Northview Church, we are able to complete the entire chicken project.  This was an enormous gift and we are so grateful.  With a few projects like this under our belt,  we can make it work in the future, but we still have some big issues to deal with.  It will be some time before there will be any profit on these broilers and layers.  In the meantime, we need to complete the 2nd home before we can bring any more children in and until we can finish this and know we can provide enough food and wages, we are not out of the woods yet.

About Edwin…. we realize that this is a lot of work for one person so we decided to hire his brother David part time.  They have had their challenges also.  Last week they were pushed into a raveen because someone got impatient with their speed and the car was totalled.  Both are OK.
The following week, when Edwin and David took our little Joseph to the hospital to check his CD4 counts, they returned to find their locked car broken into and completely gutted, removing everything of value.  This vehicle belonged to another family member who was storing it in our compound for safety.
Total cost of $800.00 for repairs.

The children are doing well except for Joseph.  Please pray for this little one.  So many times we have come so close to losing him but he continues to rally.  If we can get our chicken project off the ground and be producing meat and eggs, these kids will have a much better chance with the protein in them.  We believe that every life is precious and Edwin and I will not quit until this project is completed.

The Gleaners is a place I love to brag about.  These are the people that gave us 500,000 meals for our container and we were able to help so many people fight hunger.
Not just in our community but in areas to the north also.  Our children will have food for 2 more years because of this organization and I am proud to say "I am a volunteer".

This was a container that arrived from Saskatchewan with 84,000 pounds of high protein lentils and peas.  All donated.  You can check them out at

Here we have the 2nd children's home that we hope to fill with 40 more children one day.  We did get the doors and windows secured but we must wait now until we have enough funding to complete it.

Thank you Lauri Bach for bringing my large envelope to Edwin and the kids.  None of these children knew when they were born but always wanted to have a birthday.  They chose a date in the year  and I sent them all a real birthday card with stickers and balloons.  I miss them terribly.

Here comes the rain….

 Our plans have always been that when we can, we will bring in these two children.   Meet Sammy.  This little guy is a brother to Hope and Desire and has been taken to the north to work as a slave…that's right, a slave.  He has been hidden in a northern village all this time but we found out where and there are now people looking for him.  If found, Sammy will be coming to be reunited with his sisters and have a chance to go to school and be a normal little boy.  We really need prayer for this to happen.

Alex, the other boy is at this time with his mom in the hospital watching over her as she goes throughout her final stages of AIDS.  You might remember is brother Nathan who passed a few years ago due to the same disease.  To give her final peace, we promised 4 years ago that we would bring him to live with us.

At least we could get this vehicle back inside the compound.  They stole the lights on the outside and...

...everything under the dash.  This was a car that Edwin's brother had lent them to tend to the children's needs but also store in safety until he returned.

On a very happy note though, I would like to tell you about two Secondary schools, one in Port Moody and one in Richmond, where students worked all year to raise money for our Home of Angels.   I especially want to say how proud I am for all the banana bread they baked.  I personally know this challenge and know it's not easy.  The video below is from McMath Secondary and I know you will enjoy it.

You may remember Rachel from Heritage Wood Secondary School in Port Moody.  She and her friends Rachel, Amanda and Rebecca have been raising funds for us for the past two years by having banana bread fundraisers.  They were able to raise $1,494.93 and all of us are so grateful for their efforts.  Thanks for all your hard work.

Thanks girls for all your efforts
to make a better place for the children at Home of Angels.  We love you ….

For the past 4 years, I have always said that I wanted to do something for the "Kids helping Kids".
It haunts me because we need to show the people in our country how dedicated they are in trying
to make a difference to the less fortunate.  Our kids are awesome and I am so proud of them.  The time is going to come where we can introduce them to you.  Most of you reading this blog have been with us and supported this cause the entire time.  I have had the pleasure of meeting most of you and been able to verbally say "Thanks".  What an amazing project we have where all your money has gone to make a difference.

God bless all of you.