Tuesday, November 15, 2011

There she blows......

Yes, cows may only produce milk but our "Faithful" can multi-task... She just produced the most valuable commodity worldwide and that is "WATER".  After weeks of drilling past many levels of contaminated water, we finally hit the good stuff.  Samples were immediately taken to the lab and the results came in this morning.  We all prayed so hard to get down deep enough to reach it.  We did.
Thanks to all of you who helped to make this a reality and to the City of Jinja for their support.

The most beautiful sight in the world 

The septic tank is finished with only the touch up jobs left to do.   I remember James digging down
by hand to this depth and then starting the bricks and concrete.

The men here are sanding and staining all the door and window frames.  Such a huge job....thanks team...Where are your gloves?

The staining process...must go shopping..coveralls and gloves are definitely in order here

This is what our grass hut will look like when it's built.  It will be used for many different things such as a place for the children to eat, meetings, lessons and a place to visit.

Thanks again to Marilyn who makes soft cuddly dolls.  In May 2011,  I took many of these precious dolls to the home in preparation for housing the kids.  Marilyn has now completed a full set (or more) for all the kids to have a soft doll to hold as they go to sleep at night.  Thanks so much Marilyn

Dr. Venier...what am I ever going to do without you when I go to Uganda?  You are the best dentist and by the way everyone, chosen as #1 in Abbotsford.  Thank you for all the dentist equipment you donated to Dr. Isaac to help with teeth and mouth problems..  This is very needed equipment and we all thank you.  Remember...the offer for you to come is always open...

This is the story of all stories.

Save on Food offered to promote my banana bread within two stores.  I was to bake 100 loaves for each location and I tried, but after 160 loaves, my oven blew up.  Oh Oh...now what?  Within hours a stove arrives by truck and a "convection" oven to boot.  I have never had such a thing.  Marian and Rich again came to the rescue with Liz and Dr. Dave bringing it in and hooking it up within no time at all.  I hardly lost any baking time.  Thanks Rich and Marian for the stove and thanks Liz and Dave for bringing it.  I cannot imagine our growth without your generosity and love.  God is watching you for sure.

I also learned that Gerri, owner of Champagne and Lace had another convection oven on the way at the same time.  All I can say is we are truly blessed with friends and I want you all to know how much Edwin and I appreciate you.  Thanks Gerri and Doug for the thought and Cindy for your leg work.  Just so no one gets the wrong idea, I only have one oven.  :)

Save on Foods with Marian and her daughter Marie manning the table
Maria had a system all down pat...she said it was all in the eye contact and wouldn't you know, she was right, they sold out.  Of course with monkeys and bananas swinging in the palm trees beside them, how could they lose.

We would also like to thank the other volunteers for donating time for  us.  So many of you who made this  a huge success.  Thanks Mark to you and your staff for all the extra touches...
Save on Foods also donated 10 cents for every pound of bananas sold at this time.  They sold 4,700 lbs.
A donation of $470.00 was also donated towards the building of the main house.

Thanks Joanne for helping me sell banana bread at the new Whatcom Save on Foods store.  Also, thanks to Alice and Margaret for helping and selling Barbra's necklaces for her education next year.  It was fun and we sold out pretty fast.  Also, a huge thanks to Gord and his staff.  You treated all of us like your own, allowing us to go to lunch with you and making the extra effort to see that we had everything.  Huge success thanks to all of you.

We are moving fast now thanks to God and all of you supporting us.  I am so looking forward to learning more about blogging and being able to show the progress of each individual child we house at Jaaja Barb's Home of Angels.