Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Water from a Cow

Our famous cow, Tolamika Goldwyn Faithful really has become our hero.  She is the reason for the trucks to arrive today, the drills to be put into the ground and the water to be eventually secured.  She is the reason we will have 3-1000 liter tanks for the main house and a 5000 liter tank for the children's home.  For the irrigation, the septic tank and the reason we will never have to pay a water bill.  There is never enough thanks to Tom and Laury for saving so many lives and for allowing Edwin and I to have our dream come true.  I am glad you will be with us at the grand opening to witness the results.   

Oh my goodness...from what I have experienced, this is very true in Uganda...We have so much water
and we just take it for granted.  When you see a little child walking 4-5 km  struggling to carry a  jerrycan home from a swamp, you know this is reality....Life.... it's really about "Life".

We are all so happy to see this truck on our property.  In one week the water will be flowing where
it should be and we can start to build the wall as soon as we get the funds raised.  It will be one of the last
things to work hard for.  Once the 8' wall is built, we can open....This will be the grand finale and we are determined to make that happen.  The only other "women" thing I keep thinking about is, the Emmanual Foundation playground.  I have dreams of that playground in front of the kids colorful and beautiful. 
These kids never had a playground before...  Dreams come true you know...

And here come the tanks

Atimu, our famous welder is working hard to make the stands for these tanks.  The 3 small ones are
1000 liters and the larger one is 5000 liters for the kids home.  Poor Atimu is trying to weld the beds, gate,
windows, doors and now water stands.  Do you think we should give this man a raise?

Do you remember James, our trusty machete watchman?  Well here he is digging a very deep
septic tank.  This man never stops and that is why we have now hired him when we open.  

Can you believe how deep he dug this by hand?  I think James also deserves a raise.
Oh my goodness, if I keep giving raises, we won't be able to finish.  I just can't stand the idea of them working so hard for so little money.  

Our second bed of 3 children is finished.  Thanks Kaitlin, Katie and Big Bistro in Maple Ridge....Look at what your fundraising accomplished.  Now we have enough for 6 kids and the next 3 bunks will be welded when Atimu finished the tanks.  Atimu, we need to hire you an assistant.

Gerri and have done it again.  Thanks so much for caring enough about these kids to provide a way of promoting a skill in their lives.  You have donated two treadle machines now and we will definitely put them to use in teaching our kids to sew.  We are very grateful to you and your generous hearts.  You just changed a many children's lives.

Meet Mohammed.  Mohammed is our landscaper and he has donated his skills and time to us, free of charge.  He wants to make our property a show piece so others can see.  Many trees and plants have been planted by him and I would suspect in a year from now, we will have an exhibit here. He is covering an acre and a half full of lush trees and flowers... Thanks Mohammed 

A rock garden being developed..  More to come as it grows.

I wanted to let everyone know that Save on Foods came on board with us for the first weekend in November.  We will be baking banana bread at night in the Abbotsford Whatcom and Sumas stores and from November 3rd to 5th, we will be selling it at both locations. Also to top that off, they are donating 10 cents a lb. for all bananas sold in that time period.  If any of you are in the area, please come down to see the display and I will also have the opportunity of meeting you in person. Many of you have never stopped encouraging me and I would like to meet you and say thanks.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Joyfully reflecting on "Thanksgiving"

Thanksgiving....a day to reflect on everything we have to be thankful for. 

This past weekend, in Canada, we celebrated our "Thanksgiving" with our loved ones and friends, realizing how blessed we are to live in this country.  We have clean water, food on our table and a home to live in.  We have clothes hanging in our closets that we never wear and we take many things for granted.  Most others around the world only dream of this kind of living.  Edwin did, always having faith that one day it would come true but never knowing when.  Because of all of you who believed in us, Edwin's dream did come true and we are so pleased to show you the results of your contributions.

This is Edwin riding on a "Boda Boda", the most common form of transportation.  I would like you also to meet Apollo, as he will be my personal driver when I am living there...Sorry Edwin, he already promised... you are going to have to give him up when I come... :)

Atimu finished welding the doors and windows and in this past week, installed all of them.  What a wonderful job he did and he wants me to say how grateful he was for the welding helmet.  He says Uganda has a long way to go as they had never seen anything like the helmet before.  It helps him so much with his eyes and he is now excited to weld our gate for the concrete wall to be built around the entire compound. This will be completed by the end of the year hopefully.

Atimu's work, no wonder everyone wanted to buy them.  This is becoming a beautiful building.

I would like to introduce you to James...James sat up night after night guarding the doors and windows as
they were being put in.  There have been times when people would steal them as the mortor had not set. 
James protects our compound with his trusty machette.  He works all night and then would stay most of the day and help weed the garden that is being planted.  We decided to hire him as our gate keeper once the wall is built due to his dedication.  Good job James, we are proud to have you on our team.

Thanks to "A Little More Good Goes Bananas" and the "Big Feast Bistro" we have our bunk beds being made.  Again, welded by Atimu.  He is doing a wonderful job and they are 3 high with the ability to dismantle them as we wish.  The money they raised also provided mattresses.  What a team they are.

We want to thank Gerri and Doug Charles for their contribution of a treadle machine.  Owners of Champagne and Lace in Abbotsford, they have been so instrumental in helping us grow.  Gerri has baked banana bread in more than one kitchen, sponsored children and now had the wonderful idea of having someone do all our sewing in Jinja as we need it.  A sewing machine is a way to survive in Uganda and we thank you both so very much for your huge hearts.  You have provided a widow to provide for her family and also for us to have everything sewn at not cost.   

Go Go Beans Restaurant...our first supporter.  You have never stopped believing in us and have always pushed my banana bread to the point where you are much a week.  Thank you Martha and Cory for believing in us and our dream to make a home for these kids a reality. You guys are very special to us. 

All of us involved with Jaaja Barb's Home of Angels, want to say a HUGE thanks to Mark and the staff at the Sumas Save on Foods.  Because of you, we are able to bake our banana bread at 100% profit for the project.  You are always there for us, you are always willing to supply what we need to bake the many loaves that we sell.  We want you to know how grateful we are in helping to make this a reality. Thanks Mark. 

"Helping Hands"....what a wonderful group of ladies who devote their lives in helping the less fortunate. 
These ladies sew many different items for all Mission groups around the world and we were blessed to have them want to help us in Uganda also.  Thank you so much in making us 2 quilts for auctioning off to raise money for our home in Uganda.  You have worked so hard to provide for our little ones and we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

I just want to say to all our followers, that you are my inspiration.  Without your wonderful words of encouragement, I am really not sure I could be as enthusiastic as I am.  You give me energy to keep fighting to make this dream come true and Edwin, you keep my spirits up, showing me the results faithfully every day with skype.  You let me meet the people on camera who are important and make me feel as if I am really there working.  I see the kids we are taking in and even though I am on the other side of the world, I see the excitement and realize the importance of all of this.  Thank you  so much and I will never stop fighting for our dream.