Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Power of Empathy

Empathy is the power to understand and share the feelings of others.  Whether it be in our Home of Angels or out in our community where suffering is severe, we ask God every day to give us the grace to stand with others who are in need.

That's exactly what has happened to us in these past few months.  Before I came home in September,
Edwin and I found 20 small children, ages 3 to 5 years old wandering the garbage dumps very hungry.  These children had been abandoned 3 months earlier with no water, electricity or food.  It was difficult for Edwin because this is the same orphanage I found him working at in 2009.

We always make decisions as a family so we had a meeting with the children and staff.  It was unanimous... We decided to stand with these children in need and raise them with enough love to give them hope for the future.

Our wonderful friend Richard donated funds to keep them fed and in a home for 6 months while we will do background checks and have their medical issues taken care of.   I honestly have no idea how we are going to do this except for the fact that we know He will not abandon us or these kids.  If you or anyone you know would like to sponsor one of these precious children, please contact me at and I'll guide you through the process.  Thank you so much.

Edwin found this little girl looking for any kind of scraps to eat in this dump but the only thing she found was a piece of sugar cane that someone else had already chewed up.  These little tears really touched my heart.

Another child was trying to find water but there was nothing except for this dirty ditch.

We wanted to bring the new children in to live with us but there were many issues to deal with before we could.  In the meantime, they needed food, so our older children started preparing a very special meal as they remembered the day that we did this for them.  Most of these kids you see here picked weeds on our compound in 2010 to survive and we made weed, tomato, and hot rice stew to fill them.  They never forgot and continue to do the same for others that have nothing.

Our Lovisa said a prayer before the meal and everyone bowed their heads to give thanks for the food.

As you know, the soil on our farm compound had previously been contaminated by the rains.  We've lost all our chickens and the vegetable gardens.  Edwin's friend was kind enough to lend us an acre of land to plant maize, sweet potatoes, bananas, and cassava.  All these foods will be ready at different intervals throughout the year.  James and Sula are currently in the process of working the land and planting while the rains are in progress.

We have written about our special Jaaja many times.  When I go back in November he will be turning 100 years old, but in the meantime, the children bring him 10-litre jerry cans of water when they can.  We plan to celebrate his very first birthday party with balloons and cake.  I'll bet that cake is going to be a banana bread.

Every day the little boys take a goat to a grazing site, returning home in the afternoon to bring them back into the compound.

These are our neighbors who have a small piece of land across from us.  They both work many hours a day clearing the land and eventually plant ground nuts.  Our little guys had taken their goats home after grazing and noticed they didn't have water.  They came to Uncle Edwin and I and asked if they could take them a banana bread and water.

The paving stone project is almost finished.  The driveway to the gate has now been completed with only the parking lot remaining.  Over the past five years, we figure a total of 40,000 paving stones have been handmade and laid.

Our "Home of Angels" started with 12 children in 2013.  We knew by the end of this journey we would be able to house almost 50 children.  Today, in 2017, we will have fulfilled our dream and plan to stay at this number unless God calls us to continue.