Thursday, September 4, 2014

Promoting Unity

I decided today to sit quietly and read the 65 blogs I had written in the past.  I felt as if I had floated back in time remembering every step so vividly on how our Home of Angels came to be and all the people who made it possible.  So many adults and children who helped change a life.  Whether it had been helping a widow, an orphan or Edwin and I to build this compound, we always knew that without God at the helm directing traffic, none of it would have been possible.  He knew that we could accomplish more together than we could alone.

We started building in 2010…I made enough banana bread to send Edwin $500 at a time for bricks.  Over and over I sent money for more bricks.  I didn't tell anyone.  One year later we had one single home almost completed and Global TV came into the picture and helped us to find donors by airing our story.  Following that, Save on Foods became our community partner supplying all my ingredients to bake with.  We were then on our way.  Today, 4 years later, we are at a point where we are struggling to complete.  Our goal is to have 50 children and be self-sustainable.  We want to operate from Uganda and not always rely on the people in North America.  Presently we have 11 children and cannot accept any more until we know we can take care of them.  The kids we will have living with us are kids that are truly alone due to death of family or abandonment.  To abandon them again would destroy them.

Everyone knows this next part is very difficult for me.  I never ask for help for anything but we never know how strong we are until we are challenged, right?  Could I ask for your help?

As you know, we presently have 1000 layers and we are bringing in 500 broilers between the layer cycle.  We have just planted 140 seedlings of passion fruit in order to supply the demand at the market.  Edwin's father has offered to raise 200 goats in his village knowing it will multiply to 400 in a year. The intention is to sell goat meat internationally as the demand is high.  All these ideas are for self-sustainability but more importantly, our kids will live much longer with all this provided nutrition.

If you would like to help us with any part of the following items, we would be extremely grateful.

The 2nd children's home will cost $18,100.00 to finish.  This is the most costly item needed but until completed, we cannot bring any more kids in.

We will need to build a septic latrine with showers for the children.  This includes digging a hole 8'x15'.  Constructing bricks inside that hole and plastering it with water proof cement.  A slab is constructed on top to build the actual latrine including showers.  This way our latrine will be able to be emptied annually and will last for 40 years.  Total cost will be $6,000.

We have one generator and it is presently being used for the chickens in case of power failure.  We are going to need a powerful generator for the main compound to keep electricity, water and appliances running.    Cost is $3,700.00

As our community helps each other, we in turn have been able to help them by providing water.  In times of drought we have invited them to come and fill their jerry cans on our property.  These are mostly orphans and widows who come.  Until we can fix our roof to accommodate these people with  rain water into a tank, we are eventually going to need to purchase a new sump pump costing $1,800.00.

We finally received our 1000 layers from Israel.  It has been challenging with the rainy season and the power going out daily but Edwin and the boys have managed to keep them alive except for a few chicks that died trying to keep warm.

This is our friend Godfrey's passion fruit orchard up the road.  He is helping Edwin with the one we
are presently planting, giving our crew all the important tips for making it a success.  Thanks Godfrey
for this…I love this about our community…everyone helps everyone and doesn't think of rewards.

Meet Sam our oldest boy.  He is following Godrey's direction and digging a 2' x 2' hole for all 140 seedlings.  He fills the hole with a mixture of ash and chicken manure before the seedlings are planted.
The poles and wire will be constructed next and what happens after that…I am not sure.  All I know is that on Godfrey's land, the passion fruit is thriving.

The children had a chance to play on a slide and swing set at Word of Life.  Mama Hope and Mama Jowell were helping little Alan to have the time of his life.  I wish you all could have seen where these
kids came from and where they are today.  It's thanks to all of you that they are so happy.

After I previously posted this picture, I received a message:

A message from Rachel and Mark Peru….This is such a lovely photo Barb, I am so excited that Mark and I have just got married and we asked for donations to your charity instead of wedding presents. So far we have received £1400 which adds to our playground funds for your playground. I can't wait until next year when this will become reality for them . X

This is a picture of what love and hope can do.  These kids…out of the garbage dumps…out of terrible conditions with absolutely no one to care for them and so much suffering…. look at them now.
Thanks to all of you who prayed and who helped us make a home for them.

Edwin and I would like to thank everyone for following our story and mostly thank God for all that He has done for us over these past 4 years.  He has never abandoned us.  It is He that placed you all on this journey with us and we  hope you will continue to watch this unfold.  In the meantime, if any of you would like to help us, we all would be so grateful.

Please see the link at the top for how to donate.

Until next month…….