Sunday, March 11, 2018

What Matters Most

God's love and His message are certainly at the heart of our Home of Angels.  A love so strong that we can step into each day knowing that the good things are gifts from His hand and the challenges can be faced with His strength.  He sent His one and only Son into the world that we might live through Him.

Our children are taught about Jesus and how He died on the cross for them.  They know Him and truly believe they will meet Him one day.  Thank goodness, because we recently had a terrible death.  Our precious John-Mark went to be with Jesus this week.  He was wrongly diagnosed with Hepatitis B when in reality, he had full-blown AIDS.  We pray every day that there will come a time when all these children know Him and will not be afraid.

Our Aunty Joy, Lovisa, and Yasin did an amazing job acting for the "Human Project" series.  It was
released on March 2nd and a box of tissue was in order for me.  Thank you Apologetics Canada and Power to Change for showing everyone the sadness of our world and the wonderful things that can come out of it.

John Mark was so happy the last time I was there.  He had received a new T-shirt from his sponsor and  I had also brought a soccer ball for the boys.  I lost the pump along the way so he decided to make it his hat as it matched his shirt.  R.I.P. sweet boy...we all miss you

Our Aunty Joy and Yasin strolling down the road.  If I could explain the love she has for these children, I would only have to show you this picture.  She is truly their mama.

Meet our Lovisa, our special actress in the Human Project series.  The story behind this is about Aunty Joy in her youth in Rwanda.  Lovisa portrayed her as a child when she had to escape the genocide in 1994.  She did an excellent job in showing the panic of escape right down to the tears.

Our nursery school is finished.  One building is open for our children to attend in 2018 and if successful, we will open both buildings to the community in 2019.  This time next year you will see a full compound of grass, shade trees, and a playground.

Early 2009, Edwin found Hope and Desire on the side of the road selling charcoal with their blind grandmas.  Both girls were the caregivers for these women at a very young age.  They would come to our property asking to pick weeds to cook for survival.

They asked God every night in their prayers for a chance to help others when they got older.  Prayers were answered as they were invited to attend a girls boarding school just south of us.  A school that would give them a very good education to make their dreams come true.  Thank you Clark for this great gift.

The Head Master of Victoria Academy allowed the other children to come home to say goodbye to their sisters before they left.  For the little ones, it was difficult, but once the older children explained they would be home in May, the tears stopped.

Over the years, we slowly destroyed the roads in our community with the many trucks bringing construction material to build our Home of Angels.  I remember almost falling off a boda-boda (motorcycle) because it slipped into a hole on the side.  Others struggled to walk home with heavy jerry cans of water, so we decided to do something about it.  A friend helped with his excavator and the roads were finally leveled.

When we first started building in 2009, there were few homes or businesses in this area.   Currently, there are many families building all around us expanding our community.  We feel very connected to these people as we have provided work, water, solar lights and just a lot of compassion.  Our last big dream is to build a church where the children and community will have the true Word spoken.

We are so blessed in North America.  Over and over I get asked, "what can I do to help"?  All
of you, whether you encourage Edwin and I not to give up, sponsor a child or just pray for the situations we get ourselves are a HUGE part of our Home of Angels.  We thank you for making a difference for supporting us all these years.

I want to send you a trailer teaser of the Apologetics conference but I'm not sure I am bright enough to do this.  Here goes......

Just remember, it's only a teaser and the first part is about us but the rest is amazing too.  We hope you enjoy it.