Monday, October 13, 2014

The Right Foundation

Foundation…. a very important part of our Home of Angels.  The right foundation makes a difference between something that lasts and something temporary.  God's truth is the only bedrock worth building on as far as Edwin and I are concerned and that is the home we are providing for the children who currently live there.  We have children coming to us from every situation imaginable.  Many due to family dying of HIV/AIDS.  There are those who fled to the garbage dumps because of orphanages closing and had no where to live.  We have children where mothers died giving birth to them and grandmas not being able to feed them due to housing 10 grandchildren already.  We are determined to create a solid foundation for these kids both spiritually and mentality and with God's blessings, it will happen.

As I am no spring chicken and Edwin has never done something like this before, look what's happened to this project since we started in 2010.  We did not do this….God did.  In the past month alone, I can list things that happened way beyond our wildest imagination.  I wrote in the previous blog that we needed 200 goats.  Thanks to our  friend Thomas in Hong Kong, he answered that request.  Edwin's father in turn donated 30 acres in his village to raise these same goats so that we could sell the meat on the international market.  Oh my goodness, he even planted banana trees for me to make banana bread in Uganda….ouch….not sure about this one.

We have always wanted to have a medical clinic on the property and between Carolyn and Warren Bebble and Marian and Rich Vanderwal, we started.  But, with situations changing around the world, we have been offered a medical clinic in the form of a kiosk to be placed outside our wall to help both our children and the community.  Another gift from Thomas and his partners and a much wiser idea.  Thanks to all of you for helping us.

The big item left, is to finish our second home as we need to house the remainder of the children.  We are working with a Probation Officer in Jinja to find kids that are truly orphans.  When located and the home finished, we will bring them in slowly, allowing them to adjust and get used to life there.  The kids living there now are so excited and will treat them with such love and understanding as they had come from these places themselves.  In the meantime, we are still looking for sponsors if anyone would like to help.

As there have been heavy rains this past month and power failures constantly, we only have a few pictures this time but the warm weather is coming.

We are presently installing showers into the kid's latrine.  It is a big process as the sump pump is on the other side of the property, but as you can see, the encasing for the pump is almost finished.  The water will run underground across the yard to a 3000 litre tank that Laury and Tom DeGroot donated.  That tank will be put up alongside the latrine so gravity will allow the water to flow down.

This is Frank, one of our guards.  Because of the issue of guns, we had decided to use bows and arrows to defend our compound in case of an incident and I better not hear any of you laughing.  But we have now decided that we would be wise to also purchase one rifle.  Hate the idea, but this is a place where even the grocery stores have a guards with AK47's  inside and out protecting their property.  

The greens are flourishing.  The kids were very excited to see so many because they love them and they are so healthy.  Not sure what kind of green this is but will let you know once I am there.  The rains have helped the gardens thrive…just hindered the power and road situations.

The maize is also thriving.

Our 1000 layers also doing very well.  Looks like James and Sula have mastered the art of raising chickens.  They have kept the 1000 alive for more than one month now.  They hopefully will be laying  by the end of the year so the kids will have eggs for protein and we can sell to the places already requesting them.  

A few weeks ago, I was invited to attend a Save on Foods awards banquet.  I felt very honoured to be asked. After dinner I was invited up on the stage to say a few words and have a "selfie"
taken.  I had no idea what this word meant but I went along with it and you are seeing the results.
These wonderful people are just one store that has made me feel like family and have done so much to promote our Home of Angels.  They have been a big part of changing little lives in a country that has many struggles. Thank you.  If anyone wants to come to our banana bread fundraiser on October 25th, we will be at the Sumas store in Abbotsford from 10am - 4pm..  Love to see you.

16 more sleeps and we are off to Uganda.  Our director and his wife will be coming to see the wonderful things you have all had a part in creating and we are excited to show them.  As Dan and Mimi are big chicken farmers in the Fraser Valley, they will be able to advise Edwin and his crew with their expertise.  I will be taking lots of pictures over the months ahead and be sure to keep you all updated.  The weather will be better, the sun will be shining and there will be lots of wonderful things happening.  Thanks for continuing to follow our story.

God bless you all