Saturday, December 17, 2011

This is about Kids...our Kids in Uganda and our Kids around the world...

Sometimes I get overwhelmed, really overwhelmed.

So much, so fast and I know I have to keep up with it to make it all happen.  Thank goodness for my Board of  Directors because they watch me carefully and they have taken alot off my shoulders to help me get through the days.  I am blessed, truly blessed to have these people in my life
But, the children....yes, our focus is to help the children in Uganda. 
We have an amazing group of  people sponsoring the ones we know we are taking into our home and a waiting list  for the ones to be chosen this next February.  I think I would like to make this about them....the kids they sponsor and the kids around the world  who want to make a difference to help them.  I have always said one thing throughout this entire journey....Kids helping Kids.  That is what has happened and we need to make it really an important factor to show how amazing our kids are.  Not only Canada...but in places like England too.  For example, we have a wonderful girl named Olivia, age 10,  who has given her own money to put towards the generator that they are fundraising for over there.  They will accomplish their goal before Christmas.   Olivia and her Mom Simone,  have also sponsored little Joseph.
Wow, the world has joined our dream.  Sponsors in London,  the United States, Poland and Europe.

It is Christmas and the world celebrates the birth of Jesus...Here are some of the things that have happened for the kids we know we are taking into our home and we would like to share them with you.

This is Hope and Desire.  They have been sponsored by two wonderful women who have given them a life they never knew possible.  These dresses are something that they only dreamed of and never believed their dream would come true.  Edwin took them shopping for 5 hours and finally they found the most beautiful ones.  Thanks Edwin for your patience but I know that you knew how important this was for them... Their sponsors have sent them to private school and they are learning so much there.  Thanks Patti and Becky...the kids love you.

This is Sammi...and Sammi is a brother to Hope and Desire.  He is in school thanks to Becky and Patti but he is also at home taking care of his two paraplegic Grandma's of which one is blind.  The workload on this little boy is something you and I cannot understand.  Sammi, Hope and Desire will be with us when we open.
Edwin watches over him very closely and helps him alot with his Grandmas.

 This is our Alex..  Remember his brother Nathan who recently passed away?  His Mom, Mutesi who suffers from HIV also is still holding on for our arrival in February.  When she does leave us , this little boy will be with us too. He has Amanda and her family watching over him from Abbotsford.  Thanks Amanda and family for giving him his very first Christmas outfit.  He was so very happy.

And here is our baby Alan with Edwin.  Alan even got a new Christmas outfit.  Just to let you know...Grandma gave us this child to raise because she has 12 other grandchildren to take care of.  We made sure she had some money to make a business and she is going to be paying back that money within a year and show she can create an income on her own.  She grows tomatoes and all 12 kids help her.  We will update you on the success of her new little business and how she can support the kids more easily.

And there is our Joseph...little quiet Joseph who has been so helpless.  A little boy who hid in a hut until
Edwin noticed him and he was very malnourished.  He suffers from HIV, has no parents and will be coming with us when we open.  Thank you Simone and Olivia in England for loving this little one.  He will come out of his shell once we start working with him.  Edwin took him Christmas shopping and said that when he saw this suit, his eyes lit up.  He was so happy and so happy that someone finally really loved him...Thanks

I have to say there are other kids that received gifts also.  They chose to use the money to go to school instead of clothes, so thanks to all those sponsors who let them make that decision for themselves.

This is Hope and Grace...In our country Grace is a girl, but there, it is a boy.  Grace cried for 2 days when he saw me the first time because he had never seen a white person...scared to death, but after a week he was my best friend.  They suffer from lack of food as many do but there happened to be someone who noticed and came to the rescue.......KIDS HELPING KIDS.....

Meet Rhys, age 7 and Sebastian, age 9
These two boys came to my house with a cheque, their first bank account and their first cheque written and  they wanted to give money to Hope and Grace for food.  I am to take it back with me when I go in February and buy them the necessary things they need.  Wow..this is what it is all about ..Kids helping Kids and straight from the hearts of little ones.  Thanks you guys....I will for sure do this for you and send you pictures.

And more kids.... OK, not exactly kids  It's only cause I am a Grandma and I can say that.....But almost adults.....Chilliwack Secondary African Relief Club and the most awesome group ever.
On December 2nd at Chilliwack's Secondary School, these kids had a fundraiser for Jaaja Barb's Home of Angels selling the banana bread.  They raised $300.00 towards helping the building of our project and we all commend their efforts.  A big thanks to Mr. Anderson and all the students who participated. Thanks almost are the best

I also want to say that prior to this we had many kids in Canada helping the little ones in Uganda.  Thanks to Silas and Oliva who delivered their piggy banks in baggies to my front door and who made photo albums for Nathan (since passed) and Alex.  Jamie and Olivia who made hundreds of bracelets which we distributed over there last year, W.J. Mouat Secondary School who raised money for banana bread, Katie, Kaitlin and their team in Maple Ridge who worked so hard raising $2000 with the help of the Big Feast Bistro for bunk beds, the grade 11 students at Heritage Woods Secondary School in Port Moody, to Andrea and Laura for their silent auction in Langley, to Jody and her students in Mission who donated $500.00.  To Chris and Catie for wanting to get involved in Brackendale to raise money for us, and then today...Rhys and Sebastian  who took $20.00 each out of there own money to feed Hope and Grace.
How much better does it get than that....Wow.....Kids Helping Kids

Joanne and Tim can we ever thank you both.  This gift was something that bought tears
to us.  A quilt of an "Angel" holding a teddy bear..  We have a special place as you enter the kid's home
that we are going to hang this... Thanks to the both of you for your HUGE hearts.  We love you.

I would like to show you the Global TV news that was done by Linda Aylesworth last week.
Many of you didn't get the chance to see it the other day so I am posting it for you.

Together with myself and Board of Directors, we all wish you a very Merry Christmas.
Thank you for following our journey throughout this past year and I hope you will continue to do so in 2012.  We are estimating the completion of Jaaja Barb's Home of Angels in August or September 2012.   In the meantime, our grass hut is under construction, along with the completion of the main house.  We have been very blessed with our team....that is YOU and we thank all of you for your support and love.

Merry Christmas from all of us....including the kids we so love

Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Giving

We would like to give you an update on our project as we go into the Christmas season.
We have been so blessed with people who have given their hearts in building this home for our "Angels".  Children who never imagined in their wildest dreams they would  live in one.  Their home is finished, including beds and mattresses along with the latrine just outside their door.  The main house is almost done, excluding the floors and plumbing fixtures.  The water is now in, complete with submersive pump and stabilizer and is pumping 5000 liters/hour of beautiful clear water.  We really believed we could open in February 2012, but we have decided that we are going to wait for just a while longer.  There are too many things we need to do  and we want to do as much as we can to get finished first and then bring the kids in and start with a structured routine to raise them.

We have been asked by many, especially now at Christmas time, what they can do to help us finish, so I am going to post a list of items needed for completion.  If you would like to help take on one of these projects as a family or an individual, please let us know.  We would be very grateful

Generator:  the pump for the water is run by electricity and the power in Jinja is on approximately 3-4 days out of 7.  The cost for the generator will be $800.00.
Grass Hut:  this hut will be used as a community house for the kids to eat in, for meetings and gatherings.  It will cost approximately $3,500.00.
Flooring:  to cover 9 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 4 showers, 3 kitchens, 3 sitting rooms and 6 verandas.  The floors will cost $3,800.00.
Plumbing Fixtures:  toilets, showers, sinks, including kitchen and bathroom.  $1,500.00
Oven and Refrigerator:  $1,000.00

8' Concrete Wall:  BC Holstein News has taken it upon themselves to write a story in their newspaper with the goal of providing safety at the compound by building this wall. They have encouraged the dairy community to join together with them in purchasing enough bricks to complete the wall.  You can read their story on page 56 at  The total cost of this wall will be $12,000.00

We will keep everyone updated on their progress.

Thank you Karen, Gary and your team

The plaster is completed in two of the three apartments.  The verandas are also done on the both sides of each unit.  The road that leads into the project is growing so fast with all the rain and the palm trees are getting big.

The plants in the rock gardens are also starting to grow...

This is a story I must tell you about.  The submersive pump was put in and they had to do a 6 hour test on it.  Instead of letting the water go to waste, Edwin brought all the people from the area in to fill their jerry cans.  As you can see, it is mostly the children who fetch water.

Edwin helping the little ones fill their jerry cans.

Look at the faces...concentration if I ever saw it 


Do you remember baby Alan?  This is the youngest child we have coming to live in our Home of Angels.
Edwin went to the village to check on him and found this precious child with his Jaaja who has been raising him since him mommy died giving birth to him.  Edwin bought him milk and cookies along with sugar and food for Jaaja to help her with the 12 other grandchildren she is raising.  All her children have died, leaving her the only one to care for all of them.  Jaaja cried tears as she told Edwin how grateful she is for us taking her grandson and raising him.  She never thought God or anyone cared but boy was she wrong.  We all care.

When a child in North America wants a doll, they go the the store and buy a soft doll....easy
In most places in Africa, if a child wants a doll, they climb a banana tree, cut down a stem, open it up and create their own doll.  No, it's not as soft, you cannot cuddle it but they have a doll that goes everywhere with them.

This is another handmade doll

Thanks once again to all of you for travelling this journey with us.  You give me the inspiration to keep baking the banana bread, to go out and do my speaking at schools and just make the people around me realize how much we are blessed living here.  Such a simple thing as a banana bread can change a life.

Then we have many of you who have joined forces with us and help financially with your donations. You have made a huge difference and what you see growing in front of your eyes here, is mainly thanks to all of you.  You created a beautiful compound with your hearts to make a difference in this world.

Thanks to the people who are offering to sponsor the kids, provide food for their families and all the volunteers from all over North America that help us in more ways than I can explain here.  You are so important to us and please remember, you are ALL welcome to come when we finish and see what you took part in.

We all can make a difference in other peoples just takes the first step

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

There she blows......

Yes, cows may only produce milk but our "Faithful" can multi-task... She just produced the most valuable commodity worldwide and that is "WATER".  After weeks of drilling past many levels of contaminated water, we finally hit the good stuff.  Samples were immediately taken to the lab and the results came in this morning.  We all prayed so hard to get down deep enough to reach it.  We did.
Thanks to all of you who helped to make this a reality and to the City of Jinja for their support.

The most beautiful sight in the world 

The septic tank is finished with only the touch up jobs left to do.   I remember James digging down
by hand to this depth and then starting the bricks and concrete.

The men here are sanding and staining all the door and window frames.  Such a huge job....thanks team...Where are your gloves?

The staining process...must go shopping..coveralls and gloves are definitely in order here

This is what our grass hut will look like when it's built.  It will be used for many different things such as a place for the children to eat, meetings, lessons and a place to visit.

Thanks again to Marilyn who makes soft cuddly dolls.  In May 2011,  I took many of these precious dolls to the home in preparation for housing the kids.  Marilyn has now completed a full set (or more) for all the kids to have a soft doll to hold as they go to sleep at night.  Thanks so much Marilyn

Dr. Venier...what am I ever going to do without you when I go to Uganda?  You are the best dentist and by the way everyone, chosen as #1 in Abbotsford.  Thank you for all the dentist equipment you donated to Dr. Isaac to help with teeth and mouth problems..  This is very needed equipment and we all thank you.  Remember...the offer for you to come is always open...

This is the story of all stories.

Save on Food offered to promote my banana bread within two stores.  I was to bake 100 loaves for each location and I tried, but after 160 loaves, my oven blew up.  Oh what?  Within hours a stove arrives by truck and a "convection" oven to boot.  I have never had such a thing.  Marian and Rich again came to the rescue with Liz and Dr. Dave bringing it in and hooking it up within no time at all.  I hardly lost any baking time.  Thanks Rich and Marian for the stove and thanks Liz and Dave for bringing it.  I cannot imagine our growth without your generosity and love.  God is watching you for sure.

I also learned that Gerri, owner of Champagne and Lace had another convection oven on the way at the same time.  All I can say is we are truly blessed with friends and I want you all to know how much Edwin and I appreciate you.  Thanks Gerri and Doug for the thought and Cindy for your leg work.  Just so no one gets the wrong idea, I only have one oven.  :)

Save on Foods with Marian and her daughter Marie manning the table
Maria had a system all down pat...she said it was all in the eye contact and wouldn't you know, she was right, they sold out.  Of course with monkeys and bananas swinging in the palm trees beside them, how could they lose.

We would also like to thank the other volunteers for donating time for  us.  So many of you who made this  a huge success.  Thanks Mark to you and your staff for all the extra touches...
Save on Foods also donated 10 cents for every pound of bananas sold at this time.  They sold 4,700 lbs.
A donation of $470.00 was also donated towards the building of the main house.

Thanks Joanne for helping me sell banana bread at the new Whatcom Save on Foods store.  Also, thanks to Alice and Margaret for helping and selling Barbra's necklaces for her education next year.  It was fun and we sold out pretty fast.  Also, a huge thanks to Gord and his staff.  You treated all of us like your own, allowing us to go to lunch with you and making the extra effort to see that we had everything.  Huge success thanks to all of you.

We are moving fast now thanks to God and all of you supporting us.  I am so looking forward to learning more about blogging and being able to show the progress of each individual child we house at Jaaja Barb's Home of Angels.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Water from a Cow

Our famous cow, Tolamika Goldwyn Faithful really has become our hero.  She is the reason for the trucks to arrive today, the drills to be put into the ground and the water to be eventually secured.  She is the reason we will have 3-1000 liter tanks for the main house and a 5000 liter tank for the children's home.  For the irrigation, the septic tank and the reason we will never have to pay a water bill.  There is never enough thanks to Tom and Laury for saving so many lives and for allowing Edwin and I to have our dream come true.  I am glad you will be with us at the grand opening to witness the results.   

Oh my goodness...from what I have experienced, this is very true in Uganda...We have so much water
and we just take it for granted.  When you see a little child walking 4-5 km  struggling to carry a  jerrycan home from a swamp, you know this is reality....Life.... it's really about "Life".

We are all so happy to see this truck on our property.  In one week the water will be flowing where
it should be and we can start to build the wall as soon as we get the funds raised.  It will be one of the last
things to work hard for.  Once the 8' wall is built, we can open....This will be the grand finale and we are determined to make that happen.  The only other "women" thing I keep thinking about is, the Emmanual Foundation playground.  I have dreams of that playground in front of the kids colorful and beautiful. 
These kids never had a playground before...  Dreams come true you know...

And here come the tanks

Atimu, our famous welder is working hard to make the stands for these tanks.  The 3 small ones are
1000 liters and the larger one is 5000 liters for the kids home.  Poor Atimu is trying to weld the beds, gate,
windows, doors and now water stands.  Do you think we should give this man a raise?

Do you remember James, our trusty machete watchman?  Well here he is digging a very deep
septic tank.  This man never stops and that is why we have now hired him when we open.  

Can you believe how deep he dug this by hand?  I think James also deserves a raise.
Oh my goodness, if I keep giving raises, we won't be able to finish.  I just can't stand the idea of them working so hard for so little money.  

Our second bed of 3 children is finished.  Thanks Kaitlin, Katie and Big Bistro in Maple Ridge....Look at what your fundraising accomplished.  Now we have enough for 6 kids and the next 3 bunks will be welded when Atimu finished the tanks.  Atimu, we need to hire you an assistant.

Gerri and have done it again.  Thanks so much for caring enough about these kids to provide a way of promoting a skill in their lives.  You have donated two treadle machines now and we will definitely put them to use in teaching our kids to sew.  We are very grateful to you and your generous hearts.  You just changed a many children's lives.

Meet Mohammed.  Mohammed is our landscaper and he has donated his skills and time to us, free of charge.  He wants to make our property a show piece so others can see.  Many trees and plants have been planted by him and I would suspect in a year from now, we will have an exhibit here. He is covering an acre and a half full of lush trees and flowers... Thanks Mohammed 

A rock garden being developed..  More to come as it grows.

I wanted to let everyone know that Save on Foods came on board with us for the first weekend in November.  We will be baking banana bread at night in the Abbotsford Whatcom and Sumas stores and from November 3rd to 5th, we will be selling it at both locations. Also to top that off, they are donating 10 cents a lb. for all bananas sold in that time period.  If any of you are in the area, please come down to see the display and I will also have the opportunity of meeting you in person. Many of you have never stopped encouraging me and I would like to meet you and say thanks.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Joyfully reflecting on "Thanksgiving"

Thanksgiving....a day to reflect on everything we have to be thankful for. 

This past weekend, in Canada, we celebrated our "Thanksgiving" with our loved ones and friends, realizing how blessed we are to live in this country.  We have clean water, food on our table and a home to live in.  We have clothes hanging in our closets that we never wear and we take many things for granted.  Most others around the world only dream of this kind of living.  Edwin did, always having faith that one day it would come true but never knowing when.  Because of all of you who believed in us, Edwin's dream did come true and we are so pleased to show you the results of your contributions.

This is Edwin riding on a "Boda Boda", the most common form of transportation.  I would like you also to meet Apollo, as he will be my personal driver when I am living there...Sorry Edwin, he already promised... you are going to have to give him up when I come... :)

Atimu finished welding the doors and windows and in this past week, installed all of them.  What a wonderful job he did and he wants me to say how grateful he was for the welding helmet.  He says Uganda has a long way to go as they had never seen anything like the helmet before.  It helps him so much with his eyes and he is now excited to weld our gate for the concrete wall to be built around the entire compound. This will be completed by the end of the year hopefully.

Atimu's work, no wonder everyone wanted to buy them.  This is becoming a beautiful building.

I would like to introduce you to James...James sat up night after night guarding the doors and windows as
they were being put in.  There have been times when people would steal them as the mortor had not set. 
James protects our compound with his trusty machette.  He works all night and then would stay most of the day and help weed the garden that is being planted.  We decided to hire him as our gate keeper once the wall is built due to his dedication.  Good job James, we are proud to have you on our team.

Thanks to "A Little More Good Goes Bananas" and the "Big Feast Bistro" we have our bunk beds being made.  Again, welded by Atimu.  He is doing a wonderful job and they are 3 high with the ability to dismantle them as we wish.  The money they raised also provided mattresses.  What a team they are.

We want to thank Gerri and Doug Charles for their contribution of a treadle machine.  Owners of Champagne and Lace in Abbotsford, they have been so instrumental in helping us grow.  Gerri has baked banana bread in more than one kitchen, sponsored children and now had the wonderful idea of having someone do all our sewing in Jinja as we need it.  A sewing machine is a way to survive in Uganda and we thank you both so very much for your huge hearts.  You have provided a widow to provide for her family and also for us to have everything sewn at not cost.   

Go Go Beans Restaurant...our first supporter.  You have never stopped believing in us and have always pushed my banana bread to the point where you are much a week.  Thank you Martha and Cory for believing in us and our dream to make a home for these kids a reality. You guys are very special to us. 

All of us involved with Jaaja Barb's Home of Angels, want to say a HUGE thanks to Mark and the staff at the Sumas Save on Foods.  Because of you, we are able to bake our banana bread at 100% profit for the project.  You are always there for us, you are always willing to supply what we need to bake the many loaves that we sell.  We want you to know how grateful we are in helping to make this a reality. Thanks Mark. 

"Helping Hands"....what a wonderful group of ladies who devote their lives in helping the less fortunate. 
These ladies sew many different items for all Mission groups around the world and we were blessed to have them want to help us in Uganda also.  Thank you so much in making us 2 quilts for auctioning off to raise money for our home in Uganda.  You have worked so hard to provide for our little ones and we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

I just want to say to all our followers, that you are my inspiration.  Without your wonderful words of encouragement, I am really not sure I could be as enthusiastic as I am.  You give me energy to keep fighting to make this dream come true and Edwin, you keep my spirits up, showing me the results faithfully every day with skype.  You let me meet the people on camera who are important and make me feel as if I am really there working.  I see the kids we are taking in and even though I am on the other side of the world, I see the excitement and realize the importance of all of this.  Thank you  so much and I will never stop fighting for our dream. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Our little "Angel" is in Heaven

I am saddened to report the passing of our special boy Nathan.  If you have been following our blog, you will know that he suffered with both HIV/AIDS and cancer.  This past month, he fought the loss of his eyesight along with contracting malaria, but this 7 year old little boy was a trooper.  Not many saw him shed a tear.
Edwin, David and Dr. Isaac visited him every day, administering medicine, wrapping his eyes to prevent the seeping and just letting him know they cared.  All three were with him at the end along with his mom Mutesi and his older brother Alex. Nathan, you touched the lives of many and because of you, we were inspired to complete this project with determination.  We will be there for your many friends that have noone.  We will bring them to Jaaja Barb's Home of Angels and we promise to give them dignity as they pass and come to join you.  We love you Nathan. R.I.P.

One of the last stages of HIV is being cold.  Nathan was always very cold so Edwin found a warm jacket to put on him and he felt much better.  The bed that Kim and Chris bought him with the snuggly blankets kept him warm at night, and with his Teddy bear, he had comfort in the end.  We will never forget you Nathan.

We had a donation of $300.00 for Dr. Isaac to purchase medicine.  This is what he bought with it and
since then, has helped so many.  One of the little ones he administered to was a little child that's head was
swelling.  Another, was for burn victims and our little Nathan received the bandages he needed for his eyes.

This looks like alot but realistically, it will only last a month or two.

Dr. Isaac with a sick child and his mom.  This child's head is very swollen and he has been administered the medicine which will enable the swelling to subside.

Sweet little boy

We don't have a container but we certainly could fill one with this woman on our side.  Meet Tina.
This wonderful woman has made it her life's mission to sew for our 32 little ones plus many more kids.  On Saturday I came home with 37 home made dresses.  She made 50 pairs of shorts with coordinating T-shirts for the little boys and lots of little girls underwear.  Her ideas are endless....God bless you Tina for your huge heart.

Tina modelling one of her many dresses.

Atimu the welder...who could forget this man who welded our 28 windows and 6 large doors with a pair of sunglasses.  When I put that on the last blog, the country came together and donated Atimu every piece of welding equipment imagineable.  He hasn't even received all of it yet.  This welding hat and special glass was donated by Mike...OK Mike, I didn't say your last name so no one are still anonomous.  I just want you to know that Atimu shed a few tears over this and told me to tell you that you saved his life, his family and his job....he will have eyes to continue...Thanks Mike

Uganda will never know what this is....someone from another planet possibly??

This is Pastor Paul and Lydia's church.  We will be going here when we open and they have graciously accepted us to bring all 32 kids with us each Sunday.  We will make this our home church on Sundays.  This is the kid's choir but they were the only kids that did not have a uniform when they attended their first competition.  A donation was given which allowed them to feel the pride the other teams felt.  They are so good.

The kid's latrine is finally finished.  Edwin and his brothers will be painting it soon.
 bright color I hope.....hint


Laury and Tom...OK, I know we have thanked you before, but I have to say it again.  Do you really realize what you have done?  You have saved 32 little ones and probably many in the surrounding areas, to be provided water....clean water.  This is the most valuable commodity in Uganda and Africa.  Laury, you sold your baby that you raised, for this water.  Words can never express it so I just send a simple thanks with a huge hug attached.  I love you guys so much.  Thanks from all of us.

Rich and two have gone over and above with making this happen...I don't even need to say what, you know and I just want you to both understand how much you mean to Edwin an I.  Without you I cannot even imagine....Thanks so much from our hearts and I just hope that you both, Tom and Laury will one day visit so you can see what you have done to change lives.

We have been so blessed with all of you in helping provide a home for 32 little "angels".  I sometimes sit and wonder how it is possible for so many of you to trust me so put money into my account without ever meeting never ask for a tax receipt and just know that 100% of your money is going towards this project.  I know I am very blessed with this trust.

I want to tell you about 3 women, one of whom has passed recently, but three women who gave their hearts to these kids.  Carmen, Diane and Theresa.  After watching the last Global TV newscast, when "Faithful" the cow was donated to put in all our water, Carmen and Diane called me to tell me that they were donating $10,000 into my account for the completion of the staff home and the purchase of 50 goats.  I want to say a huge "THANKS" from all of us in North America and in Jinja, Uganda for this unbelieveable gift.  You have provided our sustainability program, our home is now almost finished and we are so grateful to you.  Theresa, I know you are up there watching all of this and I want you to also know that you made change in a very impoverished part of the world...We thank you and your two daughters.  God bless you

I want to thank Mark and Angela for finishing the latrine...I wish you could help me talk Edwin into bright purple...Thanks so much

To Susan Morrison and Mark Heiby for all the paint for the kids rooms and the main house.  I promise to get pictures when it is finished.

To Ish...the, we have plumbing now and thanks to you I am going to have a real shower...yipppeeee

A big thanks to Lorene Vanderwal for writing the wonderful story of "Water from a Cow" in the Westgen magazine.  Good job, loved it.

And to everyone else who sent donations helping us to complete our home.  We may have a way to go with the interior but I know that we will finish in time before grand opening.  Thanks to all of you who continually help us to reach our goal.  If we can get these kids in before they get to Nathan's stage, we may be able to help them live longer with medicine and lots of love. 

And of course...Global TV, there are no words strong enough to say enough thanks to you all.  Linda and are the best.