Sunday, April 24, 2011

"Kids" helping "Kids"

Since Global TV aired our story about Jaaja Barb's Home of Angels, we have been absolutely overwhelmed with love and generosity.  These are some of the people who have given their hearts to helping us raise money to build a home for 32 HIV/AIDS affected children.

If it wasn't for Go Go Beans, we would never have gotten as far as we have.  They started selling our banana bread before anyone and have promoted it for the past year. Thank you so much to Martha and Pauline for displaying our story and telling so many people about our Home of Angels...


Meet Kaitlin and Katie from "A Little More Good".  They challenged themselves to raise $1,000 before I left for Uganda  and they accomplished their goal.  The Big Feast Bistro matched that, totalling $2,000....Amazing you guys!

The Big Feast Bistro in Maple Ridge


Meet Jayme, who decided to name her project "Kids helping Kids". She made over 300 friendship bracelets to raise money with extra bracelets for me to take to the kids in Uganda. Thanks Jayme.

Laura and Andrea, two girls who met me at Tim Hortons to buy 12 loaves of banana bread.  By the time they left, they had a silent auction completely planned with a list of people a mile long to attend.  Gifts were organized within one hour.  The silent auction held at the Spaghetti Factory was a total success. 

Jayme also had the opportunity to sell her friendship bracelets at this function.  Thanks also to Jayme and  Olivia for working so hard to create our display.

A big "thanks" to Marilyn for making croceted teddy/dolls, complete with a Canadian pin on each scarf.     I am so excited to bring a little piece of Canada to the children who will be living in our home.

Maria, Maria....I am now 10 lbs heavier but enjoyed every chocolate macaroon you baked for me...They were delicious.  You are so special to have made 95 dozen of these cookies to raise money for our Jaaja Barb's Home of Angels.  Thanks so much.