Sunday, May 15, 2016

Welcome to the Family

What a wonderful time when new children are welcomed into our Home of Angels.

It starts with a Skype meeting between Canada and Uganda with all children included.  We talk about situations in the community.  Should we bring in a boy or girl and what ages do they think they should be?  They are included into the decision making.  Why?  Because we are a family and we make decisions together.  This way, when that new child arrives, they feel as though they contributed
and start the welcoming process.  A welcome song is sung and within hours of playing, the new arrival(s) feel comfortable enough to call this their new home and family.

Before we started building in 2010, two of the original children told us they didn't like being called orphans.  They had always dreamed of a real home.  We told them that we thought of them as more like "angels" not orphans, hence the name Jaaja Barb's Home of Angels was established.

We are currently into our 7th year and it just keeps getting better.  God takes the weakest of the weakest and sets them loose.  You just have to see the pictures in this blog and the smiles on these children's faces to know that it was Him in control.  We never know what's going to happen in the future but the one thing we do know is, He will give Edwin and I the tools to provide this home for a total of 50 "angels".

Thanks again to all that have gone the extra mile to help us, especially offering to be sponsors.
We desperately need people who will care about a little one and give them that home they dream about.

I'd like you to meet the Tri-Cities Rotaract Club.  This special club had raised money for us in the past and this year decided to have a "Benefit Concert".  I was sad I was in Uganda at the time but with the pictures they sent, I was able to share it with Edwin and the kids.  A big thanks to all of you who worked so hard to make this a success.  You made a difference in these children's lives and they all say "Thank you".

Everyone felt it was time to find 5 more children.  Edwin travelled north and found 2 twin boys ages 4 1/2 years that lived with a very ill grandmother.  He offered to help her by taking the boys to raise.  When all paperwork was finalized, they were brought to their new home with their sister Sarah who asked if she could accompany them to make it an easier transition.

Meet Paul

 The other children shared their clothes with them and Edwin later took them to the market for shoes, clothes and other necessities.  Shoes are for sure in order by the looks of it.

Meet Silas

Silas chose the alligator and dinosaur PJ's.  For these kids all clothing is good for bed and for play.

Meet Sarah

Two weeks later Edwin got a call that grandma was very ill and as Sarah had been her caregiver, it was too difficult for her now.  She was just too young to lift and cook for her.  The community leader asked if it would be possible for us to raise her with her siblings.  The answer of course was a yes and Edwin started the process of her coming into the family. We are very happy to have all three siblings living together and know that this was always in God's plan from the very beginning.  

To see these children coming from the desperate situations they came from, to seeing them now is truly a blessing.  It might look like we are always telling these kids to smile but we're not.  They're truly this happy right down to 5am washing their clothes and singing outside my bedroom window.  Who needs an alarm clock?

If you went back 70 blogs and saw where Joanne (left) and Hope (right) came from, you would not
believe them to be the same children.  Precious in the middle had similar circumstances and is already feeling amazing love from her new family.

A special day!  Edwin's father sent down matoke and cabbage from his village and Aunty Joy and the girls are preparing their favourite dish.

Edwin and Sula prepare the cabbage and onions.

We wanted to show you the boys home and how the trees are growing so tall for shade.  The hot sun and the torrential rains play a big part on the beauty of our home.

The home is now the girls home with Edwin's office on the end.  We felt it much better that he be close to the gate as we don't want people wandering around in the compound.  And no, that isn't our ambulance.  It had broken down while trying to help us and now waiting for parts.

Edwin and I don't take any of this for granted but when we see the expressions of outsiders who come to visit, we really give our heads a shake to understand what is really happening here.  It truly is a miracle in the middle of the jungle.  OK, bush but I call it jungle without animals. :)