Monday, October 12, 2015

Eyes of Love

I went to my friends school the other day to speak to the 1st and 2nd graders in her class and while there, I got some great tips on how to teach English to our kids in Uganda.   I also had the privilege to speak to the "Me to We" kids who represent the leadership team in Miller Park Community school.  They wanted to know how a 69 year old grandma could make her dreams come true because they, at ages 9 and 10 also have a dream to help others in and outside their community.  They are presently raising money to help the families whose co-op apartment recently burned down on October 7th.  I am so proud of our kids here in Canada as so many want to make a difference.  Another example of eyes of love.

We wanted to also let you know that presently in Jinja, the power situation is not good.  They have been turning off the electricity to residents during the day to conserve it for businesses and factories.
Edwin has tried his best to send updated pictures but for now we don't have as many.  I can tell you that we will soon house 20 children.  We are looking into the circumstances of a 3 year old little girl that comes from a nearby island. We have been blessed with help from Dr. John Paul who specializes in Kwashiorkor and Marasmus (malnourishment) and his wife Maurine, a social worker that works with lost children.  She has found this child for us and is now in the process of making sure there are no relatives to take care of her.

Stella, our newest arrival is also 3 years old.  We actually find it difficult to really know their true ages, as time doesn't seem to be a factor when the children are born.  She was living in the care of her ailing and homeless grandmother, but in the state she was in, she found it difficult to feed her.  She asked us to help raise little Stella as there were no other relatives.  But because she is so ill, we felt it in our hearts to help this elderly woman too.  We asked our dear friend Mutesi if she would help as she had 2 rooms in her hut.  The answer was yes and grandma was taken there the same day by Edwin.  We want to thank Marlaina for always helping the elderly and for providing food for both these ladies.  God has blessed us with a wonderful team of people who truly care.

Meet our new little Stella.

You may have seen Mutesi before.  Her son Nathan died a few years ago from AIDS at age 7.
Mutesi found it in her heart to help Stella's grandma and also an orphan she found sick and homeless.

God's Little Angel's Ministry is still hard at work.  They wanted to take a mattress, mosquito net and wash tubs over for grandma.  She came with only the dress on her back.  They also delivered the food that Marlaina so kindly purchased.

Plaque on our new latrine

Try and explain this saying to a Ugandan

It is our dream to have a fundraiser one day.
Both these beautifully hand-made rocking horses
were made by Sim.  Thank you so much for
your continuous love and caring towards us.

Our tomato fields are overflowing.  Moses, Sam and Ivan's duties are to pick them when the aunties request them for dinner.  And yes....Sam, being a typical boy,  had an accident and hurt his forehead by falling off the top bunk...lesson learned.

My very favourite picture.  If your wondering what the quilts around their waists are for, its because they are learning traditional dancing for the guests we will hopefully be having in the future.  
Shhhhh..... I wasn't supposed to tell.

On Sundays, when the kids have some free time, you can hear singing in our compound.  They are learning to be a choir for the Jesus videos being shown to our community.  It ceases to amaze me how so many kids never argue, share everything and consider....what's mine is yours.

I also want to share a video showing all the kids learning the words to "Here I am to Worship" for
their new choir.

We are currently designing a website for our Home of Angels.  Because so many wonderful people are wanting to learn more about us, we needed to provide this site.  The blog will be linked into it so I will always have the opportunity of updating you with current information.

God Bless