Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Our Anchor of Hope

Most of the time, life doesn't warn us of the unsettling experiences coming our way, but our loving Father knows and cares about our struggles and He invites us to bring our fears and worries to Him.  That's exactly what we've done at Home of Angels.  Many places in our world are suffering and we know that we will also go through times of struggling, but we're going to fight with everything we have to make it to the finish line.  What finish line you say?  To be able to operate on our own and still be able to help the orphan and the poor.  To raise more homeless children and for our two schools to equip the 500 students that we have recently enrolled.  

We are currently on our last project and that is our Ptarmigan hostel.  For many kids to come from a distance, they need to have a place to lay their heads.  We believe we will accomplish this, even in the rains. In the meantime, we've had some sad things happen.  Our Pastor Richard was attacked on his motorcycle and hit hard on his head with a sledgehammer, cracking his skull. He's presently being treated by a neurosurgeon that came from a distance and we'll soon know the results.  The rains have been unbearable.  Currently, the roads are all washed out.  For us to bring food in, we now have someone purchase it, drive to a place where Edwin and others can walk, pick it up and carry it back to HOA.  It seems that a safe home remains more of a dream than a reality over there now.

Our contractor and workers are still constructing the hostel but with this hard rain, it hasn't been easy for them. We've relied on them for many years and they have never let us down.  

Edwin managed to get pictures on a clear day and we're happy to be able show you.  Thanks to all of you who have stood with us all these years.  Please pray for Pastor Richard and for the rains to ease up.


We'd like you to meet our newest children that have come to live at Home of Angels.  From left to right we have Diana, Sheila and Zaina, all girls from our neighbourhood who have lost their parents.


In our last blog, I shared a picture of Corrie, our wonderful friend who has been collecting cans since 2013.  For ten years she never stopped and we wanted to honour her with a surprise present.    So we decided, in honour of her, we would name one of our homes after her.  Just to give you an 2013 she donated a cheque for $25.00. Ten years later she has collected ....get ready for this..... $34,000.00.
Our wonderful friend Corrie will be 90-years old very soon.

These two girls are in our Nursery school learning to read and write English.

I couldn't resist this picture......

These are our Primary 7 students getting ready to write their exams in the morning. Pastor Richard is praying over the students and their parents.  

And of course they must be a fancy cake to celebrate.  I wonder if they made this in the Trade Center?

This is our road.  We're up the road by that telephone pole.  When it rains, it gets narrower and narrower.

This is one of the homes under water on our road.  You can just see the desperation.  The crops are all looking the same.  Literally no food once again.

Look at that "Blue Sky" 😊

The hostel is coming along and only because the boys will not give up.

Just to let you all know, I'm planning to travel back there early January for a month.  I can hardly wait to see everyone, especially all these little people who I don't recognize anymore.  I'm blaming that on being so old.  I think I'm going to need prayer too so I won't end up in the Congo by accident. 😉