Monday, May 11, 2020

Living in Extraordinary Times

In the past couple of months, the coronavirus (COVID-19) has gone global affecting people worldwide.  It has created fear, starvation, loss of jobs and without a vaccine controlling the infection, it has left all of us to change our lives.

This pandemic reminds us here in Canada, that we are - deep down - spiritual beings, whether we realize it for not.  Compassion, sympathy and kindness are on the rise.  It has aroused the spirit of community in the health system, families spending time together and has united people in an emotional and spiritual way of taking care of each other.

On the other side of the world, in Uganda for example, things are very different right now.  I can only speak for our Home of Angels and immediate community consisting of  285,000 people.  The President has done a very good job of protecting all these people from the virus and as of today, there are 121 cases of known infections, the lowest in all East Africa.  No one has died that they know of.

But, the pandemic in our Busoga Kingdom is unthinkable.  It's called the "Starvation Pandemic" and many are dying.  Grandmothers crying for help to feed their many grandchildren, fathers killing their children to spare them from starvation and domestic violence on the rise.  Many are coming to our gate crying for help, but out of respect for Edwin and Precious, who are well known in our area, they eventually leave peaceably.

All of us at Home of Angels ask for your prayers.  The virus, for some reason, miraculously has not killed anyone in Uganda but the people are listening to witch doctors now on how to survive until they find food.  Please pray for our home, children and staff that they stay safe in these scary times.  Also for the people we love so much in our community.  Thank you so much.

This is what I've wanted to focus on through these difficult times.  The children, Edwin, Precious and our staff.  Some of the older girls are not in this picture as they are helping our wonderful aunty Joy with the workload.  There were times when a 3-year old child would come to live with us and right away, they were doing chores.  I could never understand this in the early days, but now it all makes sense.  This is a very good example why they are taught so young.  To survive.

The children are listening to the rules concerning this virus and that is mostly about washing your hands.  They don't go outside the gate and no-one comes in, but they need to know how serious this is.  They are learning but still able to play and have fun.

The people in our community are very poor.  They have learned to invent and make masks themselves to try and stay safe.  

The food is in the market downtown Jinja, but for the elderly to walk that far is very difficult.  There is no transportation and besides that, there is no money for them to spend.  Crops were bad throughout the rains again and they are currently in a dire situation.

This is only an example of what the Ptarmigan primary school van will look like.  Thank you once again to the Ptarmigan Foundation for purchasing this vehicle and giving us permission to put a logo on it.  Edwin was designing this when the virus came upon them so the pictures are not the ones they will use.  

The nursery school was all ready for school to start but the virus pandemic hit and we will now have to wait until the President gives permission for the schools to open again.

The Ptarmigan primary school was almost completed, but within weeks of the lockdown, once again the workers had to stop.  They are unable to return until this is all over. We do have an advantage though.  The principal and teachers are working together to make lessons for the children in both schools. They send the lessons to Edwin and Precious to photocopy and distribute and the children's education is monitored from home.

A view of the nursery school and the office

I have to share this picture with you.  One afternoon my doorbell rang and to my surprise two girls were standing there with a box and bags of food.  At a distance they carried it all upstairs and I had enough for two weeks.  I am so thankful for my good friends.  

Please stay safe during this difficult time and we thank you in advance for your prayers.