Thursday, April 25, 2013

Surrounded by Love

Our Home of Angels began in June 2010 and in this very short time we have blossomed into a beautiful compound.  It started with the word "love" and almost 3 years later that love has grown so strong in many different ways.  All of you have demonstrated this with your donations, prayers and now wanting to be a part of our team through sponsorship.  Mother Teresa quoted "It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving".

We have had people all over the world wanting to help, from Hong Kong to Poland.  Fundraisers in London, England to raise money to build us a playground.  So many people with huge hearts wanting to do something to help someone.  Kids being encouraged to take a step and go overseas and volunteer, but the most important thing I am discovering is...people want to do something to make a difference but don't know how or where to do it.  Edwin and I are so happy that many of these same people are wanting to visit in teams to help us help the children, the widows and the community.

There is also the "love" that is growing daily in these kids. This is huge.  They are all becoming friends and the family bond is forming.  The 12 children coming to us in August have sponsors and the love that these people are pouring out to them has changed their lives.  We thank all of you so much and hope you will come to meet your child in the future. Yes, we still need to work on sponsoring the next 45 children and if any of you would like to be a part of our big family, just let me know and I will add you to the list.

Our project still has a long way to go.  The 2nd phase, which will be the long term sustainability program, will begin with the construction of the wall around the gardens and chickens.   We will also be starting a bakery to provide bread within the community.  The equipment and staff have been offered to us at a very low cost and this will definitely be a means to help with operating costs.  We still have no idea how we will feed this many but with God's help, we will figure a way.

We have decided to put a small clinic in one of the apartments and since this decision, we have received some donations of major equipment.  In addition, two wonderful people in Canada donate money monthly for medicine for Dr. Isaac who then provides free care to the impoverished.   Our dream is a separate building for a clinic on the 2 acres we recently had donated.  That would be ideal but definitely a future plan.  All we know for sure is that God's leading us to help the poorest of the poor and that is exactly what myself, Edwin, Dr. Isaac and David are going to do.

The framework for the roof of the 2nd children's home is almost completed.

The back stairs to the kitchen of each apartment are finished.  

The latrine has been painted.  This week the showers will be installed with the pipes extending
down to the sump pump.  We estimate this first latrine being completed in May but with 57 children
moving in now, we will need to build another at a future date.

Construction on the cook house has started.  One side will be a storage closet for the bags of rice, beans and porsho, the standard items prepared in their culture.  The other side will be where the cook will prepare meals.  We have asked the same woman that most of these kids had known in their prior home to continue cooking for them and she has said yes.  Our home is going to be a happy place to grow up in and we owe it all to God our Father who loves us so much.  I believe He picked all of us individually in order to make this home a special place and is helping us find the perfect people for the jobs to run it.

The paving stones are almost laid out to the main gate.  A few more to make and we will be done with this massive project.  The stones also have been painted on the patio and I see that the grass just planted is taking root.  It will be as plush as the rest in no time.

I wanted to show you the paving stones leading up to the children's home.  The veranda has been completed and the rooms are just waiting for 12 little bodies to be sleeping under the fluorescent stars that will be on the ceiling.   My stomach is fluttering as I write this.  What a day that's going to be.

Our well is open to these kids daily and Edwin and the men help them get as much as they need.
These little ones are very special and will eventually be coming to live with us.

And of course there are the boys....the boys who always make you laugh and seem to always be
having so much fun with so little.

Around the time when we first started our project, Edwin found Hope, Desire, Sammy and blind Grandma on the street selling charcoal.  With Grandma blind, these three kids had to help her to do everything.  They have now been sponsored by two wonderful women who expected to send all three to school.   Hope and Desire got to go but Grandma wouldn't let Sammy leave her because she had no one to be her eyes and she was scared.  Can't really blame her.  She has given permission for Hope and Desire to come and live with us but for Sammy, he must stay with her.  Life isn't always fair but Edwin and I are not giving up on Sammy.  We will find a way to help her and maybe she will release him to be a little boy again.

Hope and Desire came to the project to see their new bedroom.  They are so happy to really have a home and people around them to call family.  Of course Grandma and Sammy will always be welcome and I am sure we will find a way to help all of them.  Look at these two...they still have their Christmas dresses on.

Thanks again to all you for showing your "love" to all of us involved.  There is truly only God, Edwin and myself doing this with all of your help.  Thank you for buying so much banana bread and sending donations when you can.  We will never stop thanking Global TV and Save on Foods for starting all this and continuing to never give up on us. 

But most of all.....thank you Lord for your "love".  You are truly our strength to get through this.