Tuesday, October 10, 2023

The Power of Kindness

When the troubles of this world weigh heavy on our hearts, we can find comfort in the knowledge that He protects and fights for us.  God seems to choose the unlikeliest people to do His work.  It doesn't matter how old you are or where you're from, what matters is that you trust Him and respond to others with love.

For 15 years I've travelled back and forth to Uganda and still find it difficult to grasp the reality of the poverty and the sickness.  We've all been a team of servants witnessing how our Great God used ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things for His Glory.  To take the most vulnerable, provide them with Agape love and for all of us to have been able to witness the amazing results.  If it wasn't for many of you helping us to make this possible, I can't imagine how some of these beautiful people would still be alive today.  We have climate changes just like other parts of the world and uprisings in Sudan north of us with thousands coming south into Uganda.  We have more than 28 refugee camps with the largest not far from us with 270,000 people. 

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, we will soon be starting to build a hostel for 200 children to attend our schools.  The construction plans are completed and if we can build the first floor within 3 months, we will have accomplished it.  We've always dreamed that one day we'll be self-sustainable and it looks like our dream will be coming true.   In the meantime, we'd like to share some of our latest news with you.

You've met Corrie before!  An amazing woman who has been collecting cans for Home of Angels since 2013.  Hold on to your hats because you're not going to believe this.  Corrie will be 90 years in 2024 and she has donated $32,899.00 over these past 11 years.  She takes them to the bottle depot, monitors the cash register and quite often has to correct them because they missed a bottle.  What a blessing you are Corrie for never giving up.  All of us are very grateful for your huge heart.

The children wanted to thank you also but since they're all currently speaking English, they argued over who would write the message.  Great way to practice.

Edwin's wife Precious monitors the Love project.  A project that started with 32 families in our grass hut nine years ago.  All the children are physically and mentally challenged and they've struggled to survive. The word spread and today we have approximately 170 families from across Uganda.  Precious has taught them to make soap, chalk for school boards, bricks, and mats.  We supplied them with a small piece of land to grow food and today, they are surviving much better.  Yes, it's difficult to purchase things like clothes and shoes but for them it doesn't matter.  Each family sells their own product and at the end of the month gives $30.00 too Precious to bank into their LOVE project account.  If a family finds themselves short, they can borrow $30.00 with permission.  

Out of these many families, there is only one father whose wife left him with three challenged children.
Food is very scarce here but we try and help them with the small profits we presently make. 

Do you remember our "God's Little Angels Ministry" where our kids would help the elderly every week after Sunday school?  These particular items were purchased by friends of Precious and will be delivered to the father and the three children at the Love Project.  

Because of the rains again, Edwin found it difficult for pictures of the church service but this Sunday, he managed to get a picture of the Sunday school children leaving the church.  

Sometimes there's a birthday party where some neighbour children are invited for a soda and rice and beans.  I can't tell if this little one is looking down at the food or praying, but the picture is priceless.

We have 4 housing units in our area consisting of 400+ men and women in addiction.  Edwin organized and brought together the police, community leaders and 4 camp leaders.  He found a local school ground with tents, chairs and the water was provided.  They were nervous to come because of the police but as Edwin lead the meeting, he explained it was all good.  They knew and trusted Edwin, so they listened.  The city officials and the police explained to them that they were only there to let them know if they needed help, not to be afraid to ask.  

This is Johnny and his grandmother.  Johnny has Elephantiasis which is an infection transmitted through the bites of infected mosquitos.  One of our donors is taking care that he gets to a good hospital with doctors who specialize in treating this.  Once treated he will be able to get out and play with his friends.

Thank you to everyone for partnering with us to help these kids, "celebrate living".  

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