Sunday, October 2, 2016

Heartbreak to Hope

Here we are, less than three months until Christmas and I'm already counting down the days.  All I can think about is seeing Edwin again and the 26 children who call Home of Angels their family.  I left in March and since then, Edwin has worked tirelessly visiting villages finding the child that is truly suffering.  It says in Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." They have gone from heartbreak to hope, but with Jesus in their lives, they will forget their suffering in time.

We now have 8 new children. These kids have come from horrific conditions and with the love and attention their new brothers and sisters will give them, they will overcome. We've been given enough Gleaners soup to once again celebrate Christmas together with the many children in our community.  Northview church has given us snowflakes to cut out and hang instead of balloons this year.  Not that they will understand what a snowflake is, but they will have the thrill of creating a beautiful atmosphere and with teaching, understand the true meaning of Christmas for the first time.

Thank you sponsors for helping these children feel loved and cared for.  Many of you donated items to your children in the container last January but I must tell you that due to corruption in Uganda, it will not be leaving Vancouver.  We've unloaded it and I will be taking it in suitcases in future trips.

These little ones I will meet for the first time 

When the children arrive, there are a number of things that Edwin and the aunties must do to help them.  Almost all the kids come in with fungal diseases, so heads are shaved, washed and special fungal cream administered.  If there are jiggers in their hands or feet, the aunties or Edwin will spend many hours removing them.  Jiggers are like a little flea in the dirt with a sac containing 1,000,000 eggs.  They get into the skin and must be removed to prevent pain. This is why shoes are so important.

Our 500 chicks are 2 months old now and doing well.  We should have eggs in about 5 months and the children are already talking about who "Uncle Eddie" will choose to sort them.

Since no one knows how old they are or when they were born, each child picks a day in the year for their birthday.  I then send everyone a special card in one big envelope so they all will receive them.
Because I mailed them before the new kids arrived, Edwin went to the store and purchased and printed in their card so they weren't left out.  They never knew the difference and all were happy!

This time, I put a picture of themselves in their card.  For some, such as Yasin in the green shirt in front, had never seen himself before.  It was a lesson for me....I never thought of this ....they have never seen themselves.  We take it for granted that everyone has mirrors....they don't.  Thanks Edwin for capturing these expressions.

Look at these beauties turning into amazing teenagers.  The one thing I love about this culture is, even though Junior is the only boy, they treat each other equally.  There is no gender issue.

Hope and Desire in the white shirts are on their way back to school to study for their National exams in November.  Please pray for these two girls.  This will determine what school they qualify to go to next year and because they are sisters and have never been separated before, nerves are on edge.

Here are some of the little people and I am shocked at how they are growing.  Remember Yasin in the mud hut?  Look at this precious child front and centre.  Alan, our mischievous Alan! He turned out to the be big brother to all the new kids....a role model.

Paul and James are hard at it again in the garden.  The draught and rains have reversed seasons this past year but they keep trying.  They're planting maize and greens here.  For 8 years now they have never disappointed us in their work ethics.  Very hard working men.

Thank you Northview for the Bibles for the new children.

Message from Edwin

The staff, children and myself would like to thank everyone for all they have done for us over the years.  You stood with us not only in the good times, but also in the tough days where we felt like giving up with such a huge project.  You encouraged us to keep going and we will never forget.

I want you to know that we are praying God's blessings on all of you for the love and trust you have showed to us. We won't let you down and I promise you that these children will make you proud in the years to come.  Thank you for standing with us.

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