Thursday, January 31, 2013

Phase One Nearly Completed

Hello everyone

I returned home from Uganda 3 weeks ago and since then, mountains have been moved in the construction. Even though I couldn't be there to watch it, Edwin makes sure we all get pictures.  I need to be here on this side of the world to hopefully keep it going, bake the banana bread and speak wherever people will invite me to come.  Thanks to the many that have already invited me.  We are so blessed to have all of you in our lives that care enough to make this home happen.  We know now that this dream is really for the kids.  They come over every day to watch and imagine what it will be like to live in a real home, a wall to protect them and never worry about water.  Thanks to all of you...their dream will come true.  


The wall is plastered on the inside and the top has also been been prepared for the razor wire.
This razor wire has been purchased and is ready to install as soon as the men complete the entire perimeter.

The property on the other side of the completed wall is our sustainability land where we plan to house 500 broiler and layer chickens.  Also, there will be an acre of gardens planted.  I know that many of these avocado and banana trees have to come down but it has to be done to provide food for the kids. That will be Phase II.

We love the colour of our windows...

After the painting of the rod iron, all windows were installed...

When I was in Uganda this Christmas, I watched our crew put in this stone slate.  They worked so hard to make it precisely balanced and I think they did a great job.  The paving stones will go everywhere else in the compound but because of costs, we decided to use stone slate in front of the main house.
It is much cheaper and I think much more beautiful.

What would we do without Sula and James?...These two men that have been with us since the beginning have worked so hard for so little.  Sula is planting grass again...One tuft every few inches and before you know it... a lush green area again.

We need to make approximately 3,000 more paving stones to complete.  Each one is hand made.

James is washing our new stone slate patio

This is where I really get excited.  Meet Hope and Hadeja, two girls moving into our home.  These kids have bonded so well and even now, before the time comes to move in, they are the best of friends.  I am so happy they care about each other and I think these two girls will be the role models for all the little ones to come.  They have been given hope and their attitudes have completely changed.
If your wondering what is on their faces....they are stickers that were supposed to be used for the many thank you cards they wrote to all of you that helped them...

And then we have their two little sisters, Maryanne and Desire.  They seem to have bonded also.
Sure do love these kids....and miss them terribly.

My last day before I came back to Canada, Edwin and I went to the project early in the morning and noticed these kids outside our wall.  They were just sitting patiently while their mother and father were digging across the street.   When we came home late afternoon, we noticed again they still were in the same spot so Edwin and I went to our well and filled water bottles for them.   They probably had no water all day and we felt in our hearts we had to do something. valuable in these parts.

We will be returning July 24th to open the home for the 12 original children.

This will not be the time for the Grand Opening as there is still Phase II to complete.  This new phase
is for a home we are building for approximately 40 more children and the sustainability program.  We are not sure who those children will be but we have the room to accommodate approximately 50-60 more and we are going to utilize it.  When you see homeless kids and the need for just food, how can we not do this?  Edwin and I have come to an agreement that we will try very hard to make this happen.  God has always been with us and we know He will not abandon us now.  We just ask that all you pray for a way to keep them fed and in school.  We have the original 12 all sponsored.  If anyone would like to sponsor one of the new kids we will be taking in, just let me know and I will put you on the list.  God bless you all.

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  1. I can't wait to see it myself! What amazing progress mom~