Friday, January 27, 2012

From Rain to Drought....Follow with us to our Home of Angels in Uganda

Where has the time gone?  It seems as though I just sent Edwin $100.00 for the first load of bricks....exactly 10 banana breads, which by the way, took 2 1/2 days to make when I was working.  After many more and with donations from all our wonderful friends, we have finished the children's home, the latreen and now the staff home and community grass hut.  Next....the 8' wall.

I am very happy to be travelling with two special people on this trip  Marian Vanderwal and Laury DeGroot.  Both women are on my Board of Directors and this will be their first experience to Africa. Edwin and I have been blessed with these two women and their families.  They have given so much of themselves, and when things go wrong,  guess who is there to pick up the pieces?  Yes, you got it.  You will remember Laury and her cow "Faithful".  Tom and Laury donated the sale of their cow for all our water.  My oven blows up after baking approximately 5000 loaves of banana bread.  A convection oven arrives within hours, but I am sorry,  I am not allowed to tell you who sent it...Anonomous.  You get the picture.....

Back in Jinja, Uganda,  I would watch the men on skype working every day.  I would converse with Edwin regarding the successes and the problems, watch the rains continually belting down on the men with no boots in the mud and two months ago my screen turned black....Edwin cut me off from watching. 
Why?  Because they have made our home look very special and they want it to be a surpise.
The plan is to blindfold me as we walk down Barb's Lane and when I am directly in front of the home and beside the grass hut, Edwin will remove it.   Everyone will be there, including some of the children that will be living with us.  Marian will be filming as this happens so you all will see it on the blog.  I bet this girl is awestruck.  Maybe for the first time, I don't speak for awhile...wouldn't that be a treat. 

I want to thank all the people who hand made so many beautiful items for the children.  We will be taking pictures for all of you and send them in the next blog.  I really want to stress that without you all, we just couldn't make this special for them.  Also,  thanks to (anonomous) for all the medical equipment that will help Dr. Isaac treat the kids, the toys and sports equipment and so much more.  Our many suitcases are packed and we will make it happen.

I have one last request.  We would ask that you please pray for our journey.  Pray for our safety, our health and that we will choose the right children out of so many suffering. That we will know who they are and be able to bring them home to us in August when we open and help change their lives.  To teach them about Jesus and show them how much they are loved by Him and ourselves.  Thanks so much.
We hope you will follow our journey to Uganda in February of 2012 as we will be blogging with everything that happens...Oh, and I forget to tell you...Edwin has his birthday on February 5th...big birthday party in the grass hut and David and Maureen are getting married in the grass hut the second week of February.
We are loaded with balloons......and streamers.

God bless you all and see you in Uganda...

Packing Day


  1. Praying already!
    I can't wait to meet all the angels after they are
    chosen. New life for those sweeties!
    Birthday hugs to Edwin!

  2. I just love your blog and seeing all of you packing up your things on this photo. Laury I love seeing you smiling there and your blonde hair!!! Praying for you all.

  3. Thank you ladies for being our ambassadors of God's love so very far away from all the comforts of home. We are watching, praying and celebrating with you.
    Many Thanks,

  4. great photo of all of you getting ready to go.
    waiting for some updates.