Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hard Work Pays......

I remember back when we first started this dream, Edwin placing a small sign in the dirt for all workers to see, saying the words "Hard Work Pays".  We have had teams of men clearing the land, constructing the children's home and now finishing the staff home and clinic.  We will have another team arriving soon to drill and provide the water with submursive pumps for the entire compound and yet another who will be finishing the interior of both homes.  Every one of these men seem to have never taken their eyes off this little sign.  They have worked tirelessly to provide a beautiful area to raise 32 little "angels".  Right down to the City Engineers and Inspectors, all of who continually pass us with flying colors on the quality of work.  It is as though each person involved takes a personal pride in the job they are doing and are building this compound as if it is their own. 

And then there is our side of the world...North America

How could we have ever gotten this far without you all?  You are amazing, really you are. Tom and Laury with our "Faithful" to provide all water...  my daughter and her husband, who has helped us so much, sending clothes over by DHL, sending Nathan and his family all food and medicine money to help with Nathan's condition and providing the cost of a lawyer to establish a non-profit organization.  Rich and Marian on our Board of Directors who continually step in when something is needed and guide us through the legal system.  Because of you and Chris, we will soon be a "Society", the first step in a long process.
The work that has gone into all of this, is done with such love....
I could go on and on but like "some people say"  Barb talks alot.....won't say

We have another surprise but I need to get permission to share with blog

No truer words were ever spoken

Meet Martin....he comes every day to help Edwin, Issac and David plant the lawn.  Such a different process than we know. Little tuffs of grass set in the soil and watered and eventually......

I wonder if we'll need a lawn mower one day...I bet this will be a plush grass when fully developed.
OK, add this to the list...a lawn mower

I wanted to brag about my birthday present I received in May.  My avacodo's growing fast and one day it will be as big as.....

This one 

If you are as big an avacado lover as I am, you have to come and spend some time with us. This is only one of the trees on the property.

Does anyone recognize these?  Yup...I took seeds over and they are growing well so we definitely will have
a little of Canada here with us.

We have the main latrine going up presently.  This is one of the boys who offered to help us, placing the left over bricks from the houses in order to build.  We think we will have enough remaining from construction to finish.

Almost there.....

This is one man I want to talk about....Atimu
Atimu works day and night to make the windows (28) and doors (6).  You cannot imagine the work that he has put into them and they are so beautiful that people want to purchase them off the street. This is a door he is working on here, welding the insert in.  He will then sand the entire unit, add a coat of rustproof paint and then paint a beautiful color.  Surprise, you will see when finished.  Look at his glasses...if anyone knows where I can purchase a welding hat or special glasses from Canada will you let me know?  I want to do something special for him as he has really given his heart to this project. 

Just a few of the windows

You can see the idea of what the windows will look like.  Again, another Inspector.  This is Jenson, a qualified Engineer checking on Atimu's work.  He was commended on the quality.

You all know Edwin, the role model for all these boys.  He is with Alex, Nathan's brother.  We put him
into school today, so Edwin went shopping for shoes, clothes and books.  This little one will be coming to
our home as it isn't looking good for Nathan or his mommy Mutesi.  Nathan is now blind and Mutesi is not
well with her HIV.  We have assured Alex that he will have a home with us.

Proud new student

Thanks once again for your caring and love for the kids.  Also, thanks to all of you who helped put a child
in school today and to the people who spoke to others in order to get me more speaking engagements.  All these are acts done out of love and we appreciate you so much.

Our love for God can be measured by our love for others 

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  1. wow am so grateful to have our daily updates on this blog of jaaja barb's home of angels . we do promise to share everything that goes around us both in Uganda and Canada and please always be there for that . thanks to those with bog love for us and the project that we are putting in place so that our love can be shared with those angels . yes ............................ am so happy to tell you all that jaaja has the love for all . to those that are standing together with us in making a difference. please friend always help me to say thanks to yourselves ,.THANK YOU SO JAAJA TOGETHER WITH THE TEAM THAT IS CREATING THIS PLACE OF HAPPINESS AND PEACE FOR BOTH ANGELS, VOLUNTEERS, AND THE STAFF
    Edwin Giraud