Sunday, July 17, 2011

A cow named "Faithful" provides all the water for our Home of Angels

The most precious commodity in our world today is water. We cannot live without it.  When we started this project last year, our main concern was providing water for our Home of Angels.  Our wonderful friends Tom and Laury have come to the rescue and water has now become a reality.  They have offered to sell their prize cow "Faithful" in order to contribute to our dream.  The survey has been completed with water found on the property that will supply drinking and irrigation for our gardens.  We will keep you updated as the wells go in but in the meantime, how wonderful are these two people.  We love you Tom and Laury.......

Tom and Laury with "Faithful"

"Faithful"  is Laury's special cow. 
They sacrificed her for the love of kids without drinking water...Wow

For those of you who have been following the story of our little Nathan, I would like to share with you that he is not doing well.  Poverty being poverty and without proper sleeping conditions, my daughter Kim and her husband Chris took it upon themselves to provide a bed, mattress, blankets, pillows and a mosquito net.  Edwin and his brothers fit it into their tiny room so that they would have some comfort in this time of so much pain.  Proud to call you both family...a big thanks is given to you each day as Edwin visits them.  They are also very grateful for the eggs and special food you bought for them.

Nathan can't stop feeling his soft blanket....what a special treat this is

The roof is going up. In two weeks the iron sheets or "red carpet" as they call it, will be on.

This is "Barb's Lane".  Remember it was just a path?  Well now it is lined with palm trees and shubs
with many flowers starting to germinate.  All this is due to the hard work of an orphan named Brian who you see sitting on the road.  He comes every day to water and takes great pride in his work.  Brian is now hired to be our gardener.

The "Home of Angels"


We are blessed with people wanting to help us to help these kids.  One family already sent a letter of compassion to a little one and changed this child's life already.  She treasures this letter with the picture of a family who has given her hope.  I would bet she takes it to bed with her...Seen that happen many times.

Once again Edwin and I would like to thank all of you who support us, whether it be monetary, spiritual or just an encouraging note from time to time.  We have heard words in Jinja that this is going to be the most loving home around and Edwin says "In all of Africa".  I think he may be right.


  1. WELL!!! I began squalling when I saw Nathan rubbing that soft blanket (my belief allll kids need a soft blankie!!!) Then I got down to the picture of Jowann (which I'd already seen of course) and my kids got to see it on the blog with our dreaded family pic from Olan Mills LOL being cherished is just WOW. I have a stack of those photos unwanted and hidden. I feel more loved by Jowann than I love myself...go figure! ?
    Well that house is so gorgeous that I have half a mind to go buy a pile of bananas!!!!
    Hugs to Edwin and crew...many blessing to all of you from our great big loving GOD!!!!

  2. That's very generous of Tom and Laury! So nice of them. I mailed you two small donations today Barb. Thanks for continuing to update.

  3. Phyllis, you have me laughing here and yes she is a treasure of a child. Thanks for caring and if you ever want to bake banana bread, I will send you the recipe. People doing it Canada and USA.. can you believe it helped build most of this children's home.
    Caitee, wow....thanks so much. I will make sure it goes into the building account. I can't wait to see the "red carpet" on. Edwin's special word for roof...cute hey! Thanks

  4. This is so wonderful Barb, you and Edwin have been on my mind this week and I loved reading this update. My heart breaks for Nathan wonderful of Kim and Chris to provide what little comfort they can to him.

    Thinking of you Barb, what you are accomplishing is truly amazing xxxx

  5. Thanks know, you are not too far away and remember, your bed will always be waiting for you. All our hearts are broken about Nathan. Such a little guy suffering so much but he knows the love that has been coming his way and he knows that we all care around this huge globe. It makes it easier for him to know he is not alone.