Monday, September 26, 2011

Our little "Angel" is in Heaven

I am saddened to report the passing of our special boy Nathan.  If you have been following our blog, you will know that he suffered with both HIV/AIDS and cancer.  This past month, he fought the loss of his eyesight along with contracting malaria, but this 7 year old little boy was a trooper.  Not many saw him shed a tear.
Edwin, David and Dr. Isaac visited him every day, administering medicine, wrapping his eyes to prevent the seeping and just letting him know they cared.  All three were with him at the end along with his mom Mutesi and his older brother Alex. Nathan, you touched the lives of many and because of you, we were inspired to complete this project with determination.  We will be there for your many friends that have noone.  We will bring them to Jaaja Barb's Home of Angels and we promise to give them dignity as they pass and come to join you.  We love you Nathan. R.I.P.

One of the last stages of HIV is being cold.  Nathan was always very cold so Edwin found a warm jacket to put on him and he felt much better.  The bed that Kim and Chris bought him with the snuggly blankets kept him warm at night, and with his Teddy bear, he had comfort in the end.  We will never forget you Nathan.

We had a donation of $300.00 for Dr. Isaac to purchase medicine.  This is what he bought with it and
since then, has helped so many.  One of the little ones he administered to was a little child that's head was
swelling.  Another, was for burn victims and our little Nathan received the bandages he needed for his eyes.

This looks like alot but realistically, it will only last a month or two.

Dr. Isaac with a sick child and his mom.  This child's head is very swollen and he has been administered the medicine which will enable the swelling to subside.

Sweet little boy

We don't have a container but we certainly could fill one with this woman on our side.  Meet Tina.
This wonderful woman has made it her life's mission to sew for our 32 little ones plus many more kids.  On Saturday I came home with 37 home made dresses.  She made 50 pairs of shorts with coordinating T-shirts for the little boys and lots of little girls underwear.  Her ideas are endless....God bless you Tina for your huge heart.

Tina modelling one of her many dresses.

Atimu the welder...who could forget this man who welded our 28 windows and 6 large doors with a pair of sunglasses.  When I put that on the last blog, the country came together and donated Atimu every piece of welding equipment imagineable.  He hasn't even received all of it yet.  This welding hat and special glass was donated by Mike...OK Mike, I didn't say your last name so no one are still anonomous.  I just want you to know that Atimu shed a few tears over this and told me to tell you that you saved his life, his family and his job....he will have eyes to continue...Thanks Mike

Uganda will never know what this is....someone from another planet possibly??

This is Pastor Paul and Lydia's church.  We will be going here when we open and they have graciously accepted us to bring all 32 kids with us each Sunday.  We will make this our home church on Sundays.  This is the kid's choir but they were the only kids that did not have a uniform when they attended their first competition.  A donation was given which allowed them to feel the pride the other teams felt.  They are so good.

The kid's latrine is finally finished.  Edwin and his brothers will be painting it soon.
 bright color I hope.....hint


Laury and Tom...OK, I know we have thanked you before, but I have to say it again.  Do you really realize what you have done?  You have saved 32 little ones and probably many in the surrounding areas, to be provided water....clean water.  This is the most valuable commodity in Uganda and Africa.  Laury, you sold your baby that you raised, for this water.  Words can never express it so I just send a simple thanks with a huge hug attached.  I love you guys so much.  Thanks from all of us.

Rich and two have gone over and above with making this happen...I don't even need to say what, you know and I just want you to both understand how much you mean to Edwin an I.  Without you I cannot even imagine....Thanks so much from our hearts and I just hope that you both, Tom and Laury will one day visit so you can see what you have done to change lives.

We have been so blessed with all of you in helping provide a home for 32 little "angels".  I sometimes sit and wonder how it is possible for so many of you to trust me so put money into my account without ever meeting never ask for a tax receipt and just know that 100% of your money is going towards this project.  I know I am very blessed with this trust.

I want to tell you about 3 women, one of whom has passed recently, but three women who gave their hearts to these kids.  Carmen, Diane and Theresa.  After watching the last Global TV newscast, when "Faithful" the cow was donated to put in all our water, Carmen and Diane called me to tell me that they were donating $10,000 into my account for the completion of the staff home and the purchase of 50 goats.  I want to say a huge "THANKS" from all of us in North America and in Jinja, Uganda for this unbelieveable gift.  You have provided our sustainability program, our home is now almost finished and we are so grateful to you.  Theresa, I know you are up there watching all of this and I want you to also know that you made change in a very impoverished part of the world...We thank you and your two daughters.  God bless you

I want to thank Mark and Angela for finishing the latrine...I wish you could help me talk Edwin into bright purple...Thanks so much

To Susan Morrison and Mark Heiby for all the paint for the kids rooms and the main house.  I promise to get pictures when it is finished.

To Ish...the, we have plumbing now and thanks to you I am going to have a real shower...yipppeeee

A big thanks to Lorene Vanderwal for writing the wonderful story of "Water from a Cow" in the Westgen magazine.  Good job, loved it.

And to everyone else who sent donations helping us to complete our home.  We may have a way to go with the interior but I know that we will finish in time before grand opening.  Thanks to all of you who continually help us to reach our goal.  If we can get these kids in before they get to Nathan's stage, we may be able to help them live longer with medicine and lots of love. 

And of course...Global TV, there are no words strong enough to say enough thanks to you all.  Linda and are the best.  


  1. Sweet Nathan, you have suffered so much here on earth. During your suffering you have touch many hearts, including mine. I like to believe you are now free from pain and suffering and enjoying the peace and love we all can only image and hope to feel someday. There is a special boy name Sam, there to greet you, my friend. xo

  2. Sweet little Nathan...I'm glad he isn't suffering anymore. Sorry his mama had to go through it and hope she gets better.
    Nice latrine!!! The kids would love purple :)
    and that little choir in orange, so cute!
    Thank you Barb, Edwin, Isaac and David!!!! You are awesome!!!!

  3. Thanks Joyce and Phllyis for caring that he is now free of pain. Just spoke to Edwin and there were 250 people at his funeral in the village.

  4. Oh Barb, I am so sorry to hear about Nathan. I am glad he was able to spend time in the care of the home of angels before he passed. I will send another donation in another few months. Bless you for everything.