Sunday, May 31, 2015

Support an Angel...Provide them Wings

Since the beginning in 2010, people have asked me "What do you need next?"  These past years we have been so blessed to receive the items needed to almost complete our Home of Angels.
God provides....and that is a fact.  The farm compound accommodates the chickens, goats and gardens.  The main compound consists of enough housing for 50 children that we plan to raise and educate.

But here is where we really need your prayers.  The 2nd home that Northview so kindly donated funds for is finished and sitting empty until we find sponsors.  We are equipped to house up to 50 children but until we find sponsors for each child, we cannot bring them in.  Edwin and I would like to find children and have a waiting list like other organizations do, but the reality is, we must mention it to the child and if no one sponsors them, once again they are rejected.  We can't do that.

Needless to say, we did make an exception.  Currently we have 14 children who are sponsored and we have 15 children living with us.  Our latest little girl named Bridget is 6 years old.  She is very malnourished and we felt it in our hearts to bring her in immediately.  If anyone would like to sponsor this sweet child, you can reach me at and I will give you the details.


Meet Bridget our new little princess.  She loves to make a crowns of flowers for her head to look pretty.  If anyone would like to sponsor her, please contact me and I will send you the information.
Thank you.   

Our cookhouse is looking much better with a special coat of weather protector paint on it.  The shelves and counters are finished inside and all that's left is painting the windows and door.  As you can see, it's very difficult to hide this red dirt on everything.

Meet our Home of Angels family.  In the front row we have our newest children with the exception of  Alan in the blue.  I want to also tell you that that avocado tree behind them is my 65th birthday present planted by the boys.

I am so happy to share this news with you all.  For some reason as soon as the construction was completed, my baking banana bread skills fell apart.  We always said "buy a loaf for a brick".  10,000 loaves later and construction completed, I struggled to bake this bread.  I believe that God was sending me a message telling me enough is enough.  The next thing I knew, Willy at Cobs bakery was offering to help me with these big fundraisers in the future.  For me to bake 4 at a time, sometimes baking 32 in the day took me all day.  Cobs ovens can bake 50 at a time in one hour.  Thank you so much Willy to consider it your ministry to help us and also, thank you Save on Foods for continuing to supply all the ingredients.  

Your wondering about the bandages on Alan and Bridget's hands?  They are cannulas
where you put the needle in to administer medicine into the body.  Both these kids have
malaria but you would never know it.  Once caught and meds administered, they are
usually OK.

Edwin managed to get a picture as the kids were coming out of the gardens with greens they had picked for meals.  I sure don't remember being this happy doing chores.  Look at little Yasin in the front.  From the mud hut with nothing to having hope and love, he is definitely not the same child.

Zakia received a letter from her sponsor and wanted to show me.  I'd like to share it with you to show you how happy they are receiving mail.  They treasure these letters and read them so much that it can help them to learn English.  Thank you Hannah.

Do you remember when the Gleaners sent 500,000 meals in our container to Uganda?  I wanted to show you all the dedication that goes behind cutting these vegetables.  Andy, on the right is 96 years old and spends most of his week cutting food for the needy.  Jake on the left is like a fixture too, always laughing and making people feel good.  He drives the forklift, emptying the containers of vegetables and making sure we all have enough product to cut.  Last year 11,500,000 servings were prepared and were sent to 18 countries.  Praise God.

I had a surprise this week.  Edwin bought a couple of goats with his pay cheque.  As they multiply rapidly, we currently have 5 with one mama expecting possibly 3 kids.  He has a vision for every child to have a goat so they can learn responsibility by taking care of it.  Good plan Edwin.

On more thing I would like to share with you and that is, we had a surprise today.  Our new friends in the UK sent us a message that the playground they had worked so hard to raise funds for is going to be built on our property very soon.  They came to Uganda last year to meet Edwin and the kids and measure out a piece of property where it would nicely fit.  The children don't know so it will be a very big surprise.

Thank you so much Rachel, Mark and all the people that participated.  You didn't even know us but you chose to make the children at our Home of Angels feel very special.  God bless you all.

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