Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Becoming a Family

The day we've all  been dreaming about has finally arrived.  The workers finish their last minute preparations, the floors and beds are washed and off to the market we go for last minute items.    
Excitement is in the air as everyone participates in making our Home of Angels comfortable for our 10 very special little people.  It's just the start but until we can provide for the rest, find sponsors and complete the building, we will do this in God's timing.  He has taken us this far....He will not abandon us now.

This is Abby.  To give you an example of dedication and determination, he would walk 4 hours to our project every day.  At 5pm he would walk back home and again walk to fetch the water for his family.  He is the oldest and must provide.....but......because he never gave up, he now has a permanent job with us and can afford a ride back and forth each day.  He didn't give up and that is the example we want to teach these children moving in.

Sula and Derek cleaning the beds

Thank you Kerrie for working so hard to provide all the bedding.  We were also able to weld more beds for the children to follow and purchase mattresses, sheets and pillows for them also.

A hand painted and laminated name tag was made for each child by April.  Thank you for creating a big smile for each of these children.  That was really special for them.

A huge thanks to the Pin Cushion Collective women who worked tirelessly to make every child a special quilt for their bed.  We were able to bring many more this trip thanks to friends donating the costs of extra baggage.

Beds are made with a special chest at the foot of each bed to hold their valuables. This is a place for their personal things and I am noticing letters from sponsors being tucked away here for safekeeping.

I can't begin to imagine what it would be like to stand outside a gate with a single bag of  possessions knowing you are entering a place you will be able to call home.  A home where you don't need to be scared of the dangers in the night, a leaky roof where when raining, you are soaked sleeping.  You are entering a place that you are welcomed with love and with others you will now call your new family. A place where two wonderful women both named Sister Aida, will tuck you in at night and make sure you have food in your tummies before school.  But most importantly to know that our Father said    "No, I will not abandon you as orphans -- I will come to you." John 14:18 

Many people provide new outfits for these kids, but once given, it seems never to be seen again.  
I found out that they are only to be worn for church, funerals and very special occasions.  This was
a very special day as you can see by the beautiful dresses. 

Meet our Sam.  He was the only boy to arrive on this day due to complications with medicine to be provided for the other boys.  With Dr. Isaac's help, we will be bringing them in next week.  Everything is waiting for them.

This is Maryanne.  She is so happy to have her very own box for her personal things.  Her single bag of possessions are transferred into it and sponsor pictures and letters are put away safely.

The is Jowan with my daughter Kim.  Probably the first time I have seen her smile this big.  We are waiting for her brother and sister to come as soon as their school year finishes up north and they will live together for the first time.

This picture says it all

These men are the backbone of Jaaja Barb's Home of Angels.  Without you helping us and they working so hard, we could not have opened this soon.  Kim presented them all with a t-shirt and Edwin and I  had a thank you card with a token of our appreciation for all the hard work they have done to make it possible.

It's been 3 years and 2 months since we started this project.  We have come a long way in such a short time and we attribute it all to God.  He has miraculously placed each one of you in this journey with us, whether it's financial support, encouragement, or donating items for the home.  We need so many sponsors and thank you also for coming forward and offering.  That will always be an on-going necessity as the children come and Edwin and I are really grateful for your caring hearts.

I would also like to show you a campaign that "Cause Shirts Fundraising" is doing for us.  This will go thru August 11th, so if anyone would like to participate, that would be wonderful.  Be sure to watch us in the video.


God bless you all


  1. Beautiful. Heartwarming. Exciting! So wonderful to see the work that God can do with people who are willing to serve Him with their whole hearts. I'm so happy for you and the kids, Barb! Sending lots of love and prayers from Georgia.

  2. Squeeeel!!!! How much love and work and prayer went into this!! I recognized Jowan right away and of course, your Kim.
    I wish I was there to play with those kids and cook and hug!

  3. So great Barb! We are so excited with you, and look forward to hearing all about it in person :-). Love to you! Kristal