Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Home of Angels Fundraiser

Hello Everyone

We are close to finishing our 8' security wall thanks to many of you who cared enough to participate in donating funds to help us.  One of our followers took it upon herself to do a fundraiser for us and it is moving along quite well.  We have another 3 months left to fulfill the amount that will allow us to open the doors.  Thank you so much Natasha for all your dedication and hard work.

I sent out a message recently to all of you regarding this fundraiser but didn't realize there were people wanting to put cheques in the mail instead.  Some of you are asking for an address to do this.
Please send it to:

Jaaja's Home of Angels Society
P.O. Box 734, Stn. A
Abbotsford, B.C  V2T 7A1

We would be so grateful to you if you could spread the word to your friends regarding the desperate need to raise the money to finish our project. We are so close to the finish line and it's word of mouth that will help us now

In the meantime, I would like to share the most recent pictures.

The north wall behind the kid's house

Behind the main house

This is the only side not finished to 8'

This is where they are connecting up to the end

Thanks once again for all your prayers and help to make this dream come true for these kids.

God bless you all

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