Sunday, May 29, 2011

One Goal.....One Dream......To Finish this Home

Jinja, Uganda....a town where children roam everywhere.  The lucky ones have Mom's and Dad's but so many of them are lost souls living on the streets, living with grandmas who cannot take care of them, living in the garbage dumps or in orphanages. 

Edwin and I headed out one morning to find the kids feeding in the garbage dumps in Jinja.  We gathered many of them, took them aside to hear their stories.  We were driven away by the adults, saying that they were not wanted on their property.  It was everything I could do to stay quiet.  They are the unwanted, the rejected children and there are 100's of them...  Little ones as young as 8 and 9 years old and each one has their own story to tell.  Yes, some of them have done wrong, but what kid doesn't do something wrong at age 8?

Lost beautiful children of God who never asked for anything except to be loved.    Well, let me tell you, Edwin and I are now on a mission.  We are going to finish this "Home of Angels" and house kids who just want someone to love and take care of them.  The team of people we are gathering will love them in every way.  Edwin and I would like to share a few of our experiences with you.

First of all....Jaaja Barb's Home of Angels.....Wow, check this out

When I first arrived April 28th, this is what I saw.  I was overwhelmed because of the size, but realized
that many people where going to be living in here, including the doctor with his small clinic.  My room is
sitting overlooking the hillside.

Our crew of 22 men works 13 hour days only to stop for lunch and the odd avacado the women bring.

Edwin with his huge heart, helped these two orphans in the past and when they heard he was building a home for children, they decided to come and volunteer their time watering all the flowers, including the palm trees that we plant for the people who donate to us.  Bless there hearts, they just want to give back. 

Can you imagine...... smashing all this rock in 35 celcius.  All this rock must be made to small pieces and
our guys never stop smashing.  I was amazed at their strength and determination.

I called this guy "Baby Baby"  Everytime I came he was singing the song.  He and his brothers travelled
a long distance to work for us.  They sleep on hard concrete, on a mat at night in the children's home, weeks
at a time.  They eat only beans and porsho every day.

The men worked feverishly until I left and this is the stage as of today.  They are unbeliveable workers and
I am so very proud of them.  They ask for very little, just enough to feed their families but one day when I win the lotto, this is the first obligation I have.  Pay the men what they are worth.......

Unloading the truck with your head.  Go figure...By the time 100 bags were unloaded, his neck was
severely hurting, but never would you hear a complaint.   So grateful for work.

22 men putting the malum into the rooms so the rock could be put on top before the concrete.  What a
different procedure than we would ever do but it works and that is all that counts. 

These are part of the 22 man crew.  I will never forget these men.  I will never stop hearing their singing
as they work and their stories.  Wow, I was so blessed to witness this event....We owe them so much for
doing what they did out of love.  Grateful that this home was going to help their kids in their country.

Even the boss works, in fact you cannot stop Edwin.  He is continually helping the men and is good
at what he does.  I always wondered where he learned to do this kind of work.  Amazing to me

This little boy was on the street by our house.  Edwin spotted him and called him over as his shorts and
shirt were ripping off his body.  Edwin has a good way with kids and this little guy explained his situation.
I went into the house and found an outfit in one of the two suitcases containing clothing and found his size.

Transition ....Wow, nice looking kid and so happy to have some new clothes.  This is what happens.
They get an outfit and they wear it until it falls off their body.  They sleep in it, they wear it 24/7 and by
the Grace of God, they might find another one some day.  This boy was one of the lucky ones

This was a village Edwin took me too that had nothing.  Very poor people and one girl with 3 children, had a hut with a huge ant hill inside.  The baby slept in that room with the ants.  We gave all of them clothes and the
Mom a new outfit too.  She was so overjoyed.

Edwin and the kids after we had given them all clothing.  This was a very poor village.  We decided
to give them 2 goats from our goat collection and they were overwhelmed.  We are hoping this will keep
them going for awhile with milk and cheese.

Our little Jowana....This precious little one will come with us when we open.  She is only 9 and living
in an orphanage at the moment but we really want this child with us if possible. Also, her sister who was
shunned because of a situation.  We would like them to be together.

Jowana in her new dress

We have a huge group of kids at our project.  Edwin has taken to these two (as he takes to all kids)
and we had to go and find some new clothes for them too.  Eventually we did clothe them with new things
but didn't have the picture.  They were so happy

 These are the neighborhood kids that live beside us.  Very poor but we managed to find enough new
clothes for them too.  Oh my goodness, I wish we had a container.  Too many kid with no clothes.

Now we come to the poorest of the poorest.  Nathan and Alex's village.  These kids have nothing.
Edwin and I went home and found enough also for them.  Wait til you see the transformation.  It is
defininitely God at work here.

Check this out.......

The little guys all made out like bandits too.  Even the little one with the huge tape worm at the end.
We found him a large t-shirt to cover that big tummy and hopefully Dr. Isaac will go back there and deworm
him.  Isaac, if you are reading this, this is a big "hint".

Well, what do you think about these  handsome dudes?   And check out our little Nathan in his
Canadian hockey shirt.  Our boy rocks for sure....Love that kid.

Toys.....Some countries have toys and some countries have toys...this is a favourite at Agape Chilrens Home.

Wonder what our kids would ever do with these.....

This is a boat

How about a soccer ball

Now, most of you who have followed this blog know Nathan.  This is our special little boy with HIV/AIDS
and on top of that has many many tumors over his body.  The worst is in his eyes and nose, so I would like for all of you to pray for this little guy.  He doesn't have too much longer.  I wish for him to go to a better place where he will have no more pain.  Edwin and I love you much

This is goodbye for me.  I will never forget this.  Nathan has a Teddy Bear to take with him and Mutesi, the Mom has not much longer either.   Alex will be left but my special grandson Edwin will be watching over him as he will be alone.  The most difficult moment I have ever had was to say goodbye. 

Thanks for standing by Edwin and I.  We really appreciate all of you and are so grateful for your contributions and love.  All we can say is, your money and love is really going to a good place.  We promise never to abuse this care and we will work very hard to make it a place all of you would want to come to.  You can be apart of making a difference if you choose to and we will welcome you with open arms.


  1. Absolutely AMAZING Barb....I have no words. This is a bigger project than even I realised...the work these men are doing is incredible. And the breaks my heart....

    Thank you for the photos, I love your updates.

    Simone xx

  2. To all that feels the pain that the children of uganda are going through and those that are making a difference , life is too short to wake up with regrets.So lets love the children who have no one treat them in a right way as well as forgiving the ones who don't care about them .

    Believe everything happens for a reason. If
    we get a chance, grab it with both hands. If it changes their lives ,let it .
    Take a few minutes to think about the wonderful work that jaaja barb is doing in uganda before you pray for her together with the ministry .
    Since God never said life would be easy, He just promised it
    would be worth it. Today is jaaja barb's home of angels day, to make a difference in the lives of many children to bring life and happiness back .
    Thanks to all that have been praying for us and please keep on going .

  3. Thanks Simone and Edwin, I did this late at night and I see so many errors. I can't get in to fix them so I am sending it the way it is.
    Next time....I will only do this in the AM.

  4. I want Jowana!!! her little cheeks need kissing!

    God bless you all!!!!

  5. Barb, I'm praying for all the kids and all the wonderful people who are all part of this wonderful project. God bless you ALL.

  6. Thanks Anonymous....You are awesome...We know we have people in our lives that care and pray for us. Thanks so much

  7. i am so impressed with how you are doing this little by little... i hope to learn from you & have patience... love you barb!

  8. I want to tell Edwin something...
    The girl who sings Baby, Baby...I met her years ago...she came in where I worked for new eyeglasses and I fit them to her...she is Amy Grant! I thought Edwin's friend might like to hear about that :)
    Also, Barb, what is Jowanna's sister's name?

  9. I was in Uganda in 2007 and only traveled a little through the mid and northern parts of the country. Just before visiting Uganda, my wife and I were volunteering in Tanzania at an orphanage in the north and had experienced the charity of individuals there. We weren't prepared for how bad the situation was in northern Uganda and will never forget the efforts of individual people trying to make things better for the children. Thank you for your work with the kids and innocent victims of disease and conflict.

  10. I just watched the news and saw the wonderful story about he cow that will bring you your well!! What a great story. I sit here with tears rolling down my cheek. I will try to help, by talking to my friends and co-workers, keep up the great work. You are all ANGELS. Thank you, and God Bless!!


  11. Thank you Nancy. It was a great story on Global TV tonight and we are very happy for our new gift "Faithful". She will provide water to so many little ones and who would have believed a cow would be able to do this. Thanks for wanting to help us.